What to expect from Google Search’s new mobile design?

Google began rolling out a new design for its mobile search results aimed at providing searchers with an easier to read, cleaner, more modern interface and an improved experience.

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The five key reasons that drove the new design are – 

1) bigger focus on information – focusing on information rather than design will allow search results to shine, simplify the searchers’ experience and deliver the information people are looking for clearly and quickly.

2) easier to read search results – with sections and label titles bigger and bolder, the searchers’ eye will scan and understand search results easier and faster. The redesign also includes more of Google’s own font that already shows up in Android; and, Gmail among other Google products.

3) creating more “breathing room” – the update improved section and result card designs to give the searchers more white space so that they can focus on the content that matters.

4) highlighting important content with colours – Google’s team has experimented with lots of bold and muted colours, neither of which proved to be quite right. Thus, the redesign is ultimately focused on centring content and imagery against a clean background; only using colour to guide the searchers’ eye to important information.

5) embracing the “Googley” feeling – did you notice the new mobile search result’s design feels a little bubblier and bouncier? From the Google logo and search bar to the magnifying glass, the company is bringing the roundness to the new design aiming to provide a familiar but refreshing look and feel to Google Search.

Why should you care? With any Google search results design change, there may come a change in searcher behaviour. You may notice shifts in clicks and traffic to your website from Google mobile search. Keep that in mind when reviewing your analytics over the next few weeks.

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