What happened to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool? How’s Schema.org involved in all this?

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Initially, Google launched its Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) back in 2015. Then, in 2017, the company launched its Rich Results Testing Tool (RRTT). In July 2020, after Google moved the RRTT out of beta, the company announced the deprecation of the SDTT.

After the announcement, there was a massive backlash from SEO experts and Google made the smart move to migrate the structure data testing tool to Schema.org. As per Google’s words – “we’ve heard your feedback and to better support open standards and development experience, we will be refocusing the Structured Data Testing Tool and migrating it to a new domain serving the Schema.org community by April 2021.”

It’s May (a month after the announced deadline) and Schema.org has finally launched the Schema Markup Validator Tool. It will help SEOs validate their website’s structured data outside of Google’s RRTT.

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool | EmailOut.comGoogle vs Schema.org. Google’s RRTT is designed to only show the structured data schema supported by Google. Schema.org’s Markup Validator Tool is more for “general purpose” and focused on assisting SEOs to debug many more structured data types beyond the ones only supported by Google.

According to Google’s explanation the main objective of the migrated tool will be to check syntax and compliance of markup with Schema.org standards. Yet, moving forward, the SDTT will no longer check for Google search rich result types.

Schema.org’s Ryan Levering said the Markup Validator Tool is much easier and simpler than its predecessor SDTT as it’s dedicated to checking that SEOs are using JSON-LD, RDFa and Microdata in widely understood ways and to warn them in case they are using schema.org types and properties in unusual combinations.”

The Markup Validator Tool is a service powered by Google’s general infrastructure for working with structured data. It is migrated to Schema.org as a Google-hosted tool. For those of you interested in trying out the tool, you can do so at validator.schema.org.

Final Thoughts

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