How to Build an Email List: Part Two

Adding an incentive to encourage people to subscribe to your business email lists can push them over the fence from being unsure to signing right up.

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“How to write a good email: – 1. Write your email  – 2. Delete most of it – 3. Send” – Dan Munz

There are countless different ways that you can motivate people to sign up. Your particular company, brand image, and the audience will help you determine which incentives make sense as a part of your email list building techniques.

How to Build Email Lists: Part Two

  • Discounts and Offers
  • High-Quality Content
  • Exclusive Promotions and Early Access
  • Further reading

Discounts and Offers

If you sell products or services online, you can offer value-added offers or discounts to incentivise people to join your email lists. People love to save money, and offering a discount can both encourage them to make a purchase and to sign up to your email lists.

High-Quality Content

If you are using content marketing techniques such as blogging to attract people to your site and brand, then use the incentive of awesome, relevant content to encourage them to join your email lists.

When people learn that you are creating unique content that they can’t find elsewhere, they’ll want more. You can either have people sign up to your email lists in order to be informed when there is new content posted or you can entice them with exclusive content only available via email if they sign up.

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Exclusive Promotions and Early Access

People can also be incentivised to join your email lists if you offer early access and exclusives. However, this strategy is most effective if you have already built up a good number of loyal followers already.

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