The craziest time of year for both consumers and marketers is nearly upon us.

Yes, I am referring to Black Friday (November 27), Cyber Monday (November 30) and, of course, Christmas (you know the date). During this time, marketers need to send more emails than ever but… how can they do it if they don’t have the headcount? Or, they are strapped for time? Or, they’re on a shoestring budget? Having more people on your email team will certainly help to continue your growth and innovate your email program but if hiring new staff is not on the cards then what else can you do?

Scaling your email program does not necessarily involve bringing in new people. You could consider other options such as part-time staff, freelancers but better yet, the right strategies, processes and tools.

Last month, I received the latest State of Email report. Now, with the findings from that report, Litmus has released an ebook aimed at helping marketers and businesses understand how email teams are resourced and help them scale their email program better and more efficiently.

With the help of the new report, marketers will be able to see (and understand) – 

  • if their email program is resourced for success
  • the way suitable resourcing and email program effectiveness compare and interact 
  • how resourcing your team for success means more than adding new headcount
  • how different tools can help scale your email program without adding new full-time staff

To download your copy of Litmus’s How To Scale Your Email Program Without New Headcount report, click here.

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