How is Intercom helping businesses improve their customer support?

This month Intercom announced its biggest launch ever giving businesses over 20 new features aimed at helping them improve their customer support without having to sacrifice efficiency or waste time. 

The new features will allow businesses to handle more complicated queries, decrease response times and automate manual tasks and processes. The release will also eliminate old choices (the email-based ticketing system and the faster messenger-based support lacking depth), and it will no longer force businesses to choose between those two main options for online support.

According to the company, they wanted to introduce not only an update to its conversational relationship platform but also, a genuinely new experience in terms of both functionality and usability. 

The new features include – 

a) a more efficient ticketing flow – Intercom’s bots will collect information and prioritise issues as well as identify emergencies;

b) a more flexible messenger platform – customers will get support whether that’s in real-time or over several days;

c) 12 new reporting metrics – the three new reporting dashboards introduced are conversations report, effectiveness report and a team performance report. The new metrics will be divided among all three new reports ensuring businesses will be able to “monitor their team’s workload, improve support effectiveness and see what type of issues are taking up the most time based on conversation data.”

Why should you care? Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have been forced to move their operations online and their support teams are on the front lines of this change. With every day’s efforts to deliver excellent and fast customer service while also being bombarded with large amounts of enquiries and issues, having the right customer support tool is more vital than ever. Intercom’s new features will remove any existing obstacles from providing top-notch customer support.

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