“Make a customer, not a sale.” – Katherine Barchetti

So you’ve got someone’s email address. Now what?

Lead generation requires creativity, attention to detail, self-motivation and nurturing. Our lead generation tips will help you to make the most of those precious contact details and to turn early-stage subscribers into promising leads.

In this article, you’ll find lead generation tips that will help you…

  1. Improve the quality of the emails you send
  2. Get people to click through and buy more frequently
  3. Collect more useful, detailed information on subscribers
  4. Nurture your leads in the long-term

Let’s dig in into our 21 quick lead generation tips!

Lead Generation Tips

1. End every email with a targeted call-to-action.
2. Be clear and to the point about what you’re offering and what you want people to do.
3. Segment emails carefully to make sure you only send emails to relevant people.
4. Think carefully about whether an offer is really relevant to this particular audience.
5. Focus on the value to the reader, not the value to you.
6. Include buttons and links to make it easy for people to forward or share your email with their network.
7. Offer rewards and incentives to subscribers who help you to sign up new people.
8. Include links to your social media pages in all emails, to give people more ways to hear from you.
9. Include video and other compelling links that bring people back to your landing pages.
10. Highlight contact information and links to call you in a single click from a mobile.
11. Send emails from an email address that people can reply to.
12. Always ask permission for every new use of someone’s email address to avoid any confusion or nasty surprises.

Lead Generation Tips cont.

13. … And use an opt-in system to collect emails in the first place. Don’t buy lists!!
14. Ask people to take part in surveys and feedback forms to get to know them and their needs better (and keep them in the loop with how you use their replies).
15. Keep people hooked on your emails with valuable content, tips and advice.
16. Be regular and consistent with your emails so that subscribers know what to expect.
17. Use a personal, conversational tone to build a rapport with readers.
18. Make all your emails mobile-friendly. People should be able to browse them from anywhere.
19. Make sure your CTAs always match the titles on any landing pages or forms they click through to.
20. Track and analyse data on open rates, click-throughs etc. to constantly improve the success of your email campaigns.
21. Protect people’s personal data, including their email addresses, with your life. Never share them without permission, or they’ll go from promising leads to angry ex-subscribers very, very quickly.

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