MailChimp has become judge, jury and executioner when it comes to the content users distribute using their email marketing platform.

Apparently, the sneaky change in their pricing structure, the slew of user complaints and the near-impossible cancellation were just the tip of the iceberg. Now, the company has decided to adopt a new policy that will censor content based on MailChimp’s “sole discretion” on whether or not emails are misleading and should be removed.

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The policy change became effective on October 28 and its main purpose is to determine – and clarify – the types of content prohibited from being sent via the MailChimp platform. Furthermore, the company said it’ll enforce the new censorship rules by “issuing a warning  or suspending or terminating an account.”

These changes bode the question: “What are the criteria MailChimp will base their decision on to determine if the content is misleading or false?” Moreover, how would the company know what’s in the email content without actually reading it? Would that be a violation? 

At least MailChimp isn’t pretending there’s an objective, consensus-based approach to decide which content is true and which is false. The company’s pretty much saying that misleading, false and inaccurate content is what they decide it is; simply, because they can. Now, MailChimp may be a popular ESP but they are not irreplaceable. Due to all their previous accidents and now this new censorship policy, a lot of users are recommending and switching to better professional email marketing software

Furthermore, due to the company’s new content censorship policy, MailChimp is deplatforming users.

The most recent account suspended was the Northern Virginia Tea Party simply for informing subscribers about a recount rally.

At EmailOut we are not politically vocal, it is not our purpose. We develop world-leading email software tools to ensure that you can send your email newsletters to your audience. We will never close an account for sending legal content to an audience that wished to receive it.

It is simply stunning that an alternate email marketing company such as MailChimp is deplatforming its users because they have “wrong ideas” that do not match with those of the management there.

EmailOut assures both its current and future users that we will never employ technological cancel culture on you. We provide an email marketing platform allowing you to easily communicate with your recipients. If your content is legal and wanted by your audience you will always have a home here.

Create your account now mention this MailChimp censorship fiasco to our support staff and they will fast track you into the platform so you can get back to supplying your recipients with the content that they signed up for.

Welcome to EmailOut, against cancel culture.

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