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MailChimp vs Constant Contact vs EmailOut: Which is Right for You?

If your email campaigns are a core part of your marketing strategy (which, let’s face it, they should be), you need to know that the software you’re using to send them works in the way you need it to. You also need to know that you can get the features you need at a price you’re willing to pay.

Hence, to save you trawling through the small print, we’ve taken a deep-dive look at three of the top options on the market and how they compare: MailChimp vs Constant Contact and – ahem – yours truly… EmailOut. Let’s see how they stack up.

In this article we’ll cover the matter of MailChimp vs Constant Contact vs EmailOut:

  1. MailChimp – the pros and cons
  2. Constant Contact – the pros and cons
  3. EmailOut – the pros and cons
  4. Figuring Out What You Really Need

Let’s dive in.

What’s the Deal with MailChimp?

MailChimp is one of the most famous options out there; and, unsurprisingly, it has plenty to recommend it. There’s an attractive (if sometimes a bit confusing) interface with lots of professional drag-and-drop design options for emails, there’s all-important A/B Testing, and there are analytics tools to track how well your campaigns are doing. This is the basic deal that’s free for users with up to 2,000 subscribers.

There are also a bunch of other sophisticated features, like reports that allow you to compare industry averages to see how well you’re doing, a preview tool to see how your emails look in different email clients, and there are even automation features that let you integrate with your website, so that people are automatically sent emails when they hit certain landing pages and so on.

The downside is that none of these features are free. Even with a minuscule email list, you would need to pay to use them. Worse, you also can’t access any form of support on the free plan, so if you get stuck… well, you stay stuck.

Price Example: 2,500 subscribers = £350.00 per year incl VAT.

What’s the Deal with ConstantContact?

Next up, you have ConstantContact. Again, this is a solid provider that offers email previewing and decent analytics on your open rates, clicks and campaign revenue, including tools to compare results on mobile and desktop.

The great news is that these guys throw 24/7 support into their free plan, and they also offer spam testing to help you make sure your emails aren’t doomed before they depart. This seems to work well for users, as deliverability rates tend to be a fair bit higher than MailChimp (which is often a reason people switch).

There are downsides, of course. While you can customise your designs, you can’t upload more than five images to the platform without upgrading to a paid account. Automation is limited to auto-responses when people sign up, even on a paid account. There’s no A/B Testing at all… you have to do it manually, which is incredibly complicated and time-consuming, and a dealbreaker for a lot of users.

Ultimately, the biggest problem, though, is that the system is only free up to 100 subscribers. In practice, that’s not going to serve a business very long (if at all), so realistically you’re looking at a starting price of $40 per month.

Price Example: 2,500 subscribers = £720.00 per year incl VAT.

What’s the Deal with EmailOut?

Enter the new kid on the block: EmailOut. With this, you get all the essentials: list management tools like data cleaning, data segmentation, personalisation and custom fields, gorgeous email templates with drag-and-drop design elements (or you can import your own HTML if you prefer), spam testing, A/B testing, automation features, email tracking and marketing analysis tools for measuring emails delivered, open rates and click-throughs. You also get round-the-clock tech support in case anything goes wrong.

The difference between EmailOut and MailChimp vs Constant Contact is that all of these are included as standard, for free.

You only start paying at all when you hit 2,501 subscribers – you’ll never have to pay for extra features. The upshot of this is that you don’t have access to some of MailChimp’s super-fancy features like automated sends that are integrated with landing pages, or detailed reports comparing your results to industry trends. The important question, though, is: do you need them?

Price Example: 2,500 subscribers = FreeForever.

But What Do You Actually NEED?

Here’s the thing. The EmailOut team is made up of people who have worked for other leading email marketing platforms over the years, so we know which features people actually use and which they don’t.

EmailOut is built around these features, and we’ve made sure that our free version includes every one of them.

So, no: EmailOut isn’t perfect for every business. There might be a good reason why your company needs a niche feature that, say, only MailChimp can offer. Therefore, for the vast majority of businesses, though, this selection will be more than enough to create, manage, track and optimise your email campaigns.

… And if you can get all that for free, why on earth would you pay for it?

Intrigued? Are you ready to pick a ‘winner’ in the battle MailChimp vs Constant Contact vs EmailOut? Check out some of our features and whilst you’re at it why not check Our Story, too.

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