The holiday season is just around the corner and marketers need to prepare themselves since reaching the right customers at the right time is becoming more vital than ever. 

With this in mind, Microsoft Advertising introduced more access to three audience targeting options – 

1) LinkedIn Ads Targeting

LinkedIn profile data for targeting on Bing was initially introduced back in 2018, two years after Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. With the expanded access, advertisers will now have the ability to target highly relevant audiences based on LinkedIn users’ job function, industry and company. According to Microsoft, “LinkedIn Profile Targeting will be available for search and audience campaigns for the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, France and Germany markets.” 

2) Dynamic remarketing

After its release last year, dynamic remarketing (formerly called product audiences) is finally out of beta. The additional access will allow advertisers to target and reach customers based on their past product browsing and purchase history, as well as, previous product considerations. When an advertiser associates a dynamic remarketing list with a shopping campaign, they will be able to retarget visitors to their website with shopping ads of products the customers previously interacted with as well as boost performance and increase conversions. Currently, there are five types of dynamic remarketing lists supported – 

a) general product pages visitor;
b) product searchers;
c) product viewers;
d) shopping cart abandoners; and
e) past buyers.

Ah, advertisers must remember to update their universal event tracking (UET) tag to include the custom events they want to track based on the type (or types) or dynamic remarketing list they are utilising. Furthermore, the lists are kept up-to-date to avoid showing the same ad. For example, within minutes of a customer purchasing a product, they are removed from the dynamic remarketing list.

3) In-market audiences 

Advertisers can now utilise in-market audiences when targeting ads in France and Germany to approach people who’ve shown purchase intent for specific products based on their browsing history and pageviews on Microsoft services. Moreover, advertisers can associate in-market audiences with ad groups and campaigns. According to Microsoft, “the release includes 100+ French and 200+ German audiences designed to maximise conversions in verticals like apparel, auto, financial services, home & garden, travel and more.” In the U.S., the company has added 47 new in-market audiences bringing the total number to over 700.

Why is this relevant? With the help of these new audience targeting capabilities, advertisers will be able to expand and refine their targeting, get more precise insights, observe the different audience types, boost ad performance and increase conversions.

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