Dynamics 365 Customer Insight? Customer Match? Phrase match? Broad match modifier?

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For years Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) have been pitted against each other. Thanks to Google being the most used search engine, Google Ads came out a winner almost every time. However, according to recent stats, both Google AND Bing take the lead in the search engine marketing share pole.

With the amount of search volume Google’s seeing, how well-seen do you think your ad campaign will be compared to the competition? With Microsoft Advertising, your ad campaigns will see around 36% less competition than Google Ads.

Now, let’s see what new integrations and updates Microsoft Advertising is introducing to make advertisers’ lives easier –

  • A new integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. It will allow advertisers to use their customer segments from Dynamics 365 CI to reach users within Microsoft’s Search and Audience Networks through Customer Match targeting. Microsoft Advertising's New Integrations | EmailOut.comParallel to this new integration, Microsoft also announced Customer Match is now available in all markets except for the EU, UK and China (not all markets then?!).
  •  An update to phrase match. Microsoft announced that phrase match will begin to incorporate behaviours of broad match modifier (BMM) to simplify keywords and improve your relevancy when reaching customers. This update is similar to what Google Ads did back in February 2021. With this phrase match update, your ads will show for searches that include your keyword’s meaning. Microsoft’s example: the query winter vacation in Miami will match the keyword/phrase Miami vacation.  This updated way of treating phrase matches will save advertisers valuable time when managing keywords. However, recalibrating ad campaigns may require a bit of time and traffic may fluctuate as Microsoft rolls out this update on a global scale.

Final Thoughts

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