Similar Audiences? Google Merchant Centre stores? Audience Network expansion?

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From announcing integrations with Dynamic 365 Customer Insights to multi-channel advertising and social media platforms, Microsoft Advertising (MA) has been on fire in the past month.

It comes as no surprise that the company is continuing its streak by announcing a few more updates and feature rollouts.

1) Similar Audiences. This new feature will help you find – and acquire – new customers by scanning for searchers similar to those on your remarketing list. However, the requirement to use the feature is that you need to have at least one 300+ users remarketing list. Furthermore, you will be able to “import similar audiences and shared remarketing lists from Google Ads.”

Rollout: later in June to U.S. advertisers.

Microsoft Advertising Updates |

2) Google Merchant Centre Migration. Moving Shopping Campaigns from Google Ads? No problem. Microsoft Advertising now allows you to import your Google Merchant Centre (GMC) store along with your Shopping Campaigns. Once the GMC store import is finalised, Microsoft will automatically create a Microsoft Merchant Centre store with the same name, settings and, of course, domain.

Rollout: closed beta.

3) Smart Shopping for Shopify. MA’s Shopify app is getting a new feature – Smart Shopping – which will simplify the process of creating Shopping campaigns. Additionally, merchants using the MA’s Shopify app will be automatically opted-in to free product listing in Bing shopping.

Rollout: second week of June.

4) Simplifying Google Import. “We’ve cut down the complexities and reduced Google Ads Import to three easy steps: sign in, choose your accounts, then start your import states Microsoft Advertising. Once your import is done, MA will automatically optimise import settings to ensure better compatibility.

Microsoft Advertising Updates |

Rollout: over the coming weeks.

5) Audience Network Expansion. Two new markets added to the Audience Network bringing up the total market count to seven: the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany and New Zealand.

Rollout: already available.

Final Thoughts

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