Facebook announced Pages are getting a revamp and new features aimed at making the users’ and creators’ experience smoother and simpler. 

Digital Marketing News | Redesigned Facebook Pages Experience | EmailOut.comThe most notable redesign to Facebook Page’s layout is the focus on “followers” rather than “likes”. Instead of seeing received “likes”, users will see the total number of “followers”. Furthermore, BIOs of Page Managers will now be more accessible making it easier to determine who is running the Page.

Facebook is also adding the following five new features to Pages – 

1) dedicated News Feed that will help discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans;
2) smoother and easier navigation between a personal profile and Pages;
3) improved Page Management tools – updated task-based admin controls aimed at giving trusted Page admins full or partial control of Pages;
4) actionable insights and more relevant notifications; and
5) safety and integrity features aimed at detecting spammy content and impersonator accounts.

For more details on the new Facebook Pages experience, check out the official announcement.

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