Back in September 2020, Google teased Google My Business (GMB) users with new performance insight metrics.

Then, in December 2020, the company rolled out more performance insight metrics. Now, with all these new performance reports available, Google My Business is rolling out a new performance report within the GMB Insight section.

If you log in to your GMB profile and go to Insights you will see a message at the top saying Your metrics will move to a new-look report. Search queries are visible and more metrics will be added in a few months.”

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In the new performance report, you will see two sections – 1) how people interact with you and 2) how people discovered you.

Digital Marketing News | Google My Business New Insights Report | EmailOut.comThe metrics in the interaction report will show you the total number of interactions as well as two subsections reporting on the number of calls and messages you have received within your selected timeframe (currently showing from August 2020 to January 2021). Below the first performance report, you will see a report on the search terms used to discover your GMB listing in both Search and Maps.

Unfortunately, the new Insights report is not inclusive of metrics like website clicks or driving directions. Neither does it show if people discovered your listing through Google Search or Google Maps nor does it display the photo views or other metrics available in the old (current) version of the Insights reporting. However, the message does indicate more metrics will be added to the new reporting.

The benefit of this new-look reporting is that it gives Google My Business users six months of data which is twice as long from the three months previously recorded. Though it is currently missing some key data points, the new reporting is still at its early release stage and when the time comes for it to roll out I hope Google will ensure all metrics are migrated accordingly.

For more on the new insights data, you can take a look at Google My Business’s Help Center article.

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