What new features to expect in LinkedIn’s Company Page?

LinkedIn introduced new features to Company Pages to help businesses promote their events, learn more about their followers and facilitate communication among employees amidst the challenges created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a survey conducted by Glint, 31% of employees experience less connection to leaders; 37% feel less connected to their teammates; and, 40% are less connected to their friends. The survey also states that “with a growing number of organisations announcing that their employees are required to work remotely until 2021, it’s more important than ever for organisations to take action and ensure their teams will thrive in a virtual work environment.”

Thus, the three new features introduced to Company Pages aim to strengthen the connection between businesses and their communities by helping Page admins connect their employees, highlight upcoming events and gain more useful insight about their follower-base.

1) Page followers

Page owners will now be able to see more than just the aggregated number of followers and general demographics. The new feature will allow you to sort your follower-base by current company, industry and location, as well as see further insight like who followers found your Company Page and when.

2) Events

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses move their events online. The new ‘Events’ tab focuses on making virtual events – especially those happening during the pandemic – more easily discoverable. Visitors to a Company Page will have the opportunity to see a business’s past, present and upcoming events on LinkedIn. 

3) My Company

Since a business’s employees are the heart, soul and most powerful advocates of a company’s community, the new ‘Company’ tab creates a new space for them to get closer by celebrating key accomplishments, increase employee engagement, connect different colleagues with a single click and show trending content published on LinkedIn by employees. Additionally, the new tab will also show intercompany connection recommendations. LinkedIn stated that, in the future, they’ll be adding more tools like creating unique curated content and live broadcasting.

Why is this relevant? The COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge shift for businesses all over the world. These new LinkedIn Company Page’s features are the company’s response to the shift. With more and more events happening in the virtual world and employees working remotely, LinkedIn’s new features provide more insight and transparency into a company’s follower-base, as well as, a better way for businesses to build their community around what matters most to their followers.

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