Is an Outlook bug the cause of the program being inoperable? Or, is it a Windows one?

A bug in a combination of Windows 365 updates caused Outlook to reject its PST files making it inoperable.

According to Microsoft 365’s official announcement, “after updating to Version 2005 Build 12827.20268 or higher and starting Outlook you may see the following error prompt:

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Once a user gets this message and follows the process – repair and reboot – ta-da, a new error message pops up. Then you do it again and end up wasting most of your morning as nothing gets fixed. On the other hand, at least Outlook only rejected the PST file and not corrupted it – the file is fine.

The company offered a workaround solution since they are still looking into the issue and apparently can’t be certain where the fix will come from – Outlook or Windows.

Here is the workaround – 

1) Right-click the Windows Start button and then choose Run;
2) Type regedit and then click OK;
3) In the left pane, expand Computer and then expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\PST
4) Under the PST key delete the registry keys below and then restart Outlook:

“LastCorruptStore”=”C:\\Users\\user.REDMOND\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Outlook\\*** Email address is removed for privacy ***”


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Now that you’ve ‘graduated’ from Windows Tech School for fixing errors and gained knowledge you’ll probably never need again, riddle us this – “Who tests these updates?” 

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