Google is expanding the Google Ads optimisation score to include display campaigns plus a new feature called Explanations which will, well… explain why changes in the performance of your ads occurred.

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In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and ads news:

  1. Google Ads optimisation score now includes display campaigns
  2. Understand Google Ads’ performance changes with Explanations

Let’s dig in.

Google Ads Expands Optimisation Score To Include Display Campaigns

Google Ads optimisation score is getting an expansion which will now include display campaigns.

Optimisation score ranges from 0% to 100% – with 100% meaning the campaign is following of all Google’s recommendations and no further optimisation can be made.

The score is designed to help identify opportunities as well as prioritise recommendations in order for advertisers to know what to act on first.

PPC and Ads News: Updates From The Advertising World | - free email marketing software

Google Ads’ optimisation score works the same way across search, shopping and display campaigns. However, the company notes that there are recommendations unique to display campaigns which could include creating smart display campaigns, using targeting expansion and adding responsive display ads.

Google Ads To Explain Why Changes In Performance Occurred

Google Ads will now provide explanations for why specific changes in performance likely occurred.

Advertisers can request explanations by clicking on the new ‘See Explanations’ button. According to Google, “understanding why your performance changes are critical when optimising a campaign. However, it can be time-consuming to diagnose why your metrics can fluctuate. To help you understand some performance changes in your campaigns and ad groups faster, you can now request explanations.”

PPC and Ads News: Updates From The Advertising World | - free email marketing software

Advertisers can view explanations for performance changes in impressions, clicks and cost. Google Ads will provide the most likely reason behind why the change occurred.

PPC and Ads News: Updates From The Advertising World | - free email marketing software

With this new feature, advertisers can spend less time diagnosing performance changes and focus more on optimising their campaigns. Any significant changes will be emphasised in blue.

Keep in mind. Google is asking advertisers, before getting started with explanations, to note that (a) explanations are currently available for manual CPC or eCPC Search campaigns, (b) explanations can compare two time periods of equal length within the last 90 days and (c) explanations may only show for campaigns with significant performance changes.

Finally, Explanations is currently in Beta. Thus, its functionality will be expanded on over the coming months. You can learn more about explanations is Google Ads Help Centre.

Final Thoughts

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