In this PPC and Ads news roundup, we cover Facebook’s ads placement feature in search results, LinkedIn helping advertisers choose the right objectives for their objective-based advertising and an advertising report for the second quarter of 2019.

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” – David Ogilvy

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:

  1. ‘Facebook search’ placement now available when setting up ad campaigns 
  2. LinkedIn providing tips on choosing ad campaign objectives
  3. Report: product advertising is driving spend growth in search – social marketplace

Let’s dig in.

Facebook Lets More Advertisers Place Ads in Search Results

Placing ads in Facebook’s search results has been something the company has been testing since last year. Now, it’s finally here and it seems like it has also been significantly expanded.

A great number of advertisers are seeing ‘Facebook search’ show up as a placement option when setting up ad campaigns.

What do you need to know about Facebook Search Ads? It is an additional placement option when creating newsfeed campaigns. Meaning, businesses cannot place ads in Facebook search results without placing them in the news feed. They are clearly labelled with a ‘Sponsored’ tag and can appear either as a static image or in a carousel format. Unlike Google ads, there is no option to target specific keywords or phrases here. Hence the best way to show up for various keywords is to ensure they appear somewhere – anywhere – on your business’s Facebook page.

LinkedIn’s Tips On Choosing The Best Objective For Your Ad Campaign

Last month we told you about LinkedIn’s update to the Campaign Manager. Now, we’d like to elaborate on that – with LinkedIn’s help of course – by telling you how to choose the right objective for your ad campaign from the three top-level categories.

Here’s a general summary of the three top-level targets:

  • Awareness campaigns seek to maximise your brand’s share of voice.
  • Consideration campaigns encourage your target audience to engage with your brand and gain a better understanding of what is it exactly that you’re all about.
  • Conversion campaigns focus on generating leads and using conversion tracking to measure the true impact of your ads in order for you to be able to optimise for even better performance.

Why are we telling you about this? The idea behind the objective-based advertising approach is that, similar to Facebook’s ad process, it’ll guide advertisers decisions by first enabling them to choose the top-level objective for their campaigns. Then, by knowing what it is you’re trying to accomplish, LinkedIn’s system will point you to the key ad formats and features which will best support that outcome.

For those of you interested to find out more, you can either read the article or watch the video here.

Report On Ad Spending Across Digital Advertising Channels

According to Kenshoo’s second-quarter report, paid search spending has increased 10% year on year. Search product ad spend grew by 30% year on year which far outpaces text ad growth. The reported data aligns with what Merkle reported in her DMR for Q2 2019.

The data also shows that Google Shopping spend grew by 38% in Q2, compared to the overall Google search spend growth of 15% year on year. Here are some more stats:

  • Paid social commerce ad growth. It seems product ads on social platforms are booming, too. Kenshoo’s report states that social product ad spend increased by 38% year on year in Q2.
  • Amazon spend growth. Retailers who run their Amazon sponsored ads through Kenshoo spent nearly as mich in Q2 as they did in the holiday of Q4 2018.
  • Long tail product search. It seems product and mobile ads continued to put downward pressure on search click costs. CPCs were off 10% year on year, as click volume increased 23% on an impression jump of 40% in Q2.
  • Mobile surpassed the 50% milestone. Mobile search click and impression share had hovered around 70% and whilst mobile spend share has been roughly 50% for several quarters on the Kenshoo platform, in Q2 they’ve finally accounted for the majority of search spend at 51%.

Why should you care? Platforms are making a significant investment in order to court commerce advertising. Google is revamping Shopping with continued innovation regarding ad formats and capabilities. Amazon is just getting started on all the innovations they want to introduce. For all the retailers out there, that adds up to a host of new marketing opportunities. You can see more report stats here.

Final Thoughts

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