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In this PPC and Ads news roundup, we cover Google Ads new Performance Planner, negative keywords in Amazon’s Sponsored Brand ads and Twitter’s new carousel ads format.

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:

  1. Google Ads and the Performance Planner will help advertisers with planning ad spend.
  2. Amazon introduces negative keywords in Sponsored Brand Ads
  3. After several variations of carousel ads did Twitter finally strike gold with the latest format.

Let’s dig in.

New Performance Planner for Google Ads

Google is introducing a new tool to Google Ads in the form of a Performance Planner which will help advertisers with planning ad spends. According to Google, on average, Performance Planner can help advertisers drive up to 43% more conversions.

Performance Planner – Average CPA in the image is for illustrative purposes only (Course: Google Ads Help)

The tool focused on driving incremental conversions by identifying the best spend amounts for your campaigns. The planner can also make projections based on other adjustments such as different spend levels and CPAs.

It’s important to note this tool is a planner at its core and changes made within the performance planner are not automatically implemented. Thus, to implement them, advertisers will have to download a file and utilize the Google Ads Manager.

Amazon and Negative Keywords in Ads

Our dear friends at PPC Hero reported that Amazon has quietly added negative keywords to Sponsored Brand ads for both Seller Central advertisers and Amazon Advertising advertisers.

For those of you who may need a reminder, Sponsored Brand ads are the ones most regularly shown at the top of the search results in the headline position.

To sum up, if there are similar searches you don’t want your ads showing up for, negative keywords can help in avoiding being shown for those searches. If you are interested in more info about sponsored product ads, PPC Hero has you covered – just click here.

Twitter and Carousel Ads (again)

Twitter is once more testing carousel ads, this time – however – with a new format which would provide those running app install campaigns with the opportunity to add multiple images for context.

Over the years, Twitter tried several different variations of carousel ads. However, since they are, yet again, testing a new format, it seems none of the old ones really worked. You can read more about it here.

Final Thoughts

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