Facebook is finally rolling out search ad placement to all advertisers, Google Ads rolled out a new conversion reporting column which captures the time the conversion actually happened and the launch of the first-ever non-profit organisation strictly focused on the paid search advertising industry. 

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:

  1. Facebook’s search ad placement is rolling out to all advertisers
  2. Google Ads rolled out new conversion reporting columns
  3. The Paid Search Association launched the first-ever non-profit to help PPC pros 

Let’s dig in into our selection of PPC and Ads news, shall we?

Facebook Opens ‘Search Results’ Ads To All Advertisers

After nearly a year of testing ads in News Feed and Marketplace search results, Facebook is finally rolling out search ad placement more broadly to all advertisers. The ads will appear in results for search terms that have commercial intent, such as searches for commercial products connected to the e-commerce, retail or auto vertical. Currently, search ad placement is available on mobile only.

To have ads appear in search results, advertisers can either select “Automatic Placement” for their News Feed ads, or choose the “Facebook Search Results” placement in Ads Manager when creating a News Feed ad campaign. (Search ad placement is not a standalone option – advertisers must be running a News Feed ad to have the ad also show up in search results.)

Targeting for ads in search are based on the advertiser’s chosen people-based targeting options in addition to relevant search term keywords. The keywords are determined by Facebook, not the advertiser, and take into account a combination of ad features (ad text, product, category, title and description).

Why should you care? Facebook’s search ad placement is a boon for any advertiser running a product sales or conversion-focused campaign. By opening up this ad placement to more advertisers, Facebook is giving marketers direct access to users who are actively searching for their product or service on the platform.

Google Ads Debuts ‘Conversions by Time’ Reporting

Google has rolled out new conversion reporting columns that capture when a conversion actually occurred.

Reporting conversions by time. The six new columns are:

  • Conversions (by conv. time)
  • Conv. value (by conv. time)
  • Value / Conv. (by conv. time)
  • All conv. (by conv. time)
  • All conv. value (by conv. time)
  • Value / all conv. (by conv. time)

The standard conversion column data reports conversions based on the time of the ad click. If a user clicks on an ad on Monday and converts on the site on Thursday, the Conversions column will record that sale for Monday. The new Conversions (by conv. time) column, though, will record that sale for Thursday when it occurred.

If you’re looking at a week’s worth of data in the UI, the Conversions (by conv. time) will reflect conversions that occurred that week, including conversions that came from ad clicks that occurred the previous week.

Note that historical conversion time data goes back to March 2, 2019.

Why should you care? The conversions by time columns offer another layer of information about how your ads are converting and also makes it easier to compare to your own internal sales data.

Paid Search Association Launches First-Ever Non-Profit to Help PPC Pros

The Paid Search Association (PSA) has launched the first non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the needs of paid search professionals.

PSA can be found online at paidsearch.org. Its board of directors is made up of some of the most respected individuals in the industry.

David Szetela, president of the Paid Search Association, states in an announcement: “These respected leaders in paid search are dedicated to helping our community build an association that offers resources, information and events that matter to members. Paid search marketers can visit paidsearch.org to join.

What are the benefits? Benefits of joining the Paid Search Association include:

  • Daily news about paid search delivered via email
  • Education resources dedicated to paid search
  • An exclusive online forum on paid search topics
  • Access to a job-hunting forum
  • A member directory
  • Links to a “wealth” of paid search resources

Considering that in 2019 Paid Search Advertising became a $127 billion industry, according to research by Statista, which projects yearly revenue of $141 billion by 2023, it seems that the PSA aims to advance the paid search industry even further by encouraging communication, learning, collaboration, diversity; as well as, high ethical and business standards among professionals and organisations involved in the paid search industry.

Final Thoughts

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