In this PPC and Ads news roundup, we cover a Facebook ads feature which makes a comeback, the reason Google Ads API went back to Beta and, of course, a comprehensive report giving you all the insights you need into paid social marketing.

“Pay per click was just the beginning. The real evolution is pay per action.” – Bill Gross

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:

  1. ‘Reach Estimates’ for Custom Audiences is coming back to Facebook Ads
  2. Why did Google Ads API go from GA back to Beta?
  3. A full, comprehensive report into the state of paid social marketing.

Let’s dig in.

Facebook’s Reach Estimates Makes a Comeback

After research discovered a vulnerability which made it possible to infer attributes of Facebook users via the tool, the company removed it back in March 2018.

However, since suspending the tool, which allows advertisers to estimate audience size for their Custom Audience campaigns, the company has been working with researchers to improve the security of custom audiences reach estimate feature. According to Facebook’s post, they’ve focused on three key areas to curb potential misuse: privacy, protection and new usage restrictions. Hence, with these updates in place, the company is reinstating custom audience reach estimate.

Why should you care? With the feature making a comeback, businesses will – once more – have the opportunity to plan their advertising more efficiently and effectively by gaining a clearer understanding of the size of their audience and, also, manage budgets and bidding better.

Google Ads API Goes Back To Beta

Google decided to send its Ads API back to Beta.

Why? According to feedback from developers, response times were slower when compared to those of the AdWords API. Hence, the company has determined the API is not yet ready for production usage.

Also, there were a number of other complaints about the new API, which go beyond only the response times. You can find what they are here.

Google has been actively trying to get developers to move from the AdWords API to the new Ads API – which was released in March. It’s currently unclear what percentage of AdWords API users had made the switch. 

Why should you care? If the API doesn’t work it would have a huge impact on campaign performance and reporting.

Overall, Google is advising developers to go back – and continue to use – the AdWords API until the problems are remedied.

The State of Paid Social 2019

For the past two years, our friends at Hanapin Marketing have released a State of Paid Social report. The purpose of the report is to establish benchmarks, identify trends and help marketers understand what’s working and what’s not in the world of paid social marketing.

Between Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, the slew of new updates on LinkedIn and the intro of Quora into the playing field, social advertising has become more complicated these days.

Did you know that video and storytelling have become the talk of the social advertising landscape in 2019? How about the fact that Quora is rising fast as a social ad superstar?

The report is full of trends and insights in the most popular social ad platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, Snapchat and Reddit.

To download the full report and gain a comprehensive look at what platforms marketers are investing in, what ad formats are proving to be the most effective and how things will change in the next 12 months, click here.

Final Thoughts

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