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In this PPC and Ads news roundup, we cover the two bidding strategies Google Ads will remove, Google Ads campaign-level conversion action settings and LinkedIn’s acquisition of Drawbridge.

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:

  1. Google Ads bids goodbye to Target Search Page Location and Target Outranking Share;
  2. More conversion actions for ads at the campaign level; and
  3. LinkedIn’s ongoing improvement of its ad tools.

Let’s dig in.

Google Ads Removing Two Bidding Strategies

According to Google, “automated bidding helps marketers scale as consumer journeys become more complex. In fact, more than 70% of all advertisers use Google Ads automated bidding today.”PPC and Ads News: What Caught Our Attention This MonthThat being said, Google is planning to remove the Target Search Page Location (TSPL) and Target Outranking Share (TOS)  bid strategies in late June. With the capabilities of Target Impression Share, introduced last November, it seems Google has decided to no longer offer the above-mentioned bid strategies.

Existing campaigns still using TSPL and TOS will automatically be migrated to the Target Impression Share strategy based on previous target locations and historical impression share.

Google’s Campaign-Level Conversion Settings

As an online marketer, the most crucial element to the success of your ads are conversions.

In May, at Google Marketing Live, the company announced campaign-level conversion settings and marketers were very excited about the idea of being able to set conversion actions at the campaign level.

Well, I have some great news. As of June 6, this feature has been made available in all accounts for search and display campaigns. Why should you care? Until now, conversion action settings applied to an entire account. Sure, you had the availability to segment by conversion type at the campaign level, but all counted conversions were totalled up in the “Conversions” column. You couldn’t choose which conversion actions to optimise against – whether manually or with Smart Bidding – at the campaign level. Subsequently, this forced many businesses to set up separate accounts.  Why? In order to apply budgets and optimise campaigns to separate conversion goals. However, that’s over now.

Advertisers can now choose which conversion actions to include in the “Conversions” column at the campaign level. Hence, this will allow marketers to analyse performance and optimise campaigns based on the most relevant conversion action types.PPC and Ads News: What Caught Our Attention This Month | EmailOut.com - free email marketing softwareTo learn more about how to select conversion actions at the campaign level and create conversion sets, visit the Google Ads Help Center.

LinkedIn Is Working On Improving Its Ad Tools – How?

LinkedIn announced it’s acquiring data analytics company Drawbridge in order to utilise Drawbridge’s advanced personalisation AI and further refine its targeting capacity.

With the addition of Drawbridge’s technology, LinkedIn is aiming to boost ad engagement and ROI for marketers. The technology will also benefit advertisers in two specific ways:

  • Improved reach via LinkedIn’s Matched Audience and Audience Network campaigns;
  • Better attribution, allowing advertisers to measure results they’re generating from LinkedIn campaigns across channels and devices.

Currently, LinkedIn is not releasing any financial details regarding the acquisition. However, a spokesperson said the specific integration plans will be more clearly defined and announces once the deal actually closes.

It also worth mentioning, LinkedIn announced a data partnership with Adobe earlier this year which will further boost the company’s targeting tools. More details can be found in this article.

Final Thoughts

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