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In this PPC and Ads news roundup, we cover parallel tracking for display campaigns, the disappearance of the old Keyword Planner and what happened to Bing Ads.

In this article, we’ll cover the most recent PPC and Ads news about:

  1. Google Ads and parallel tracking
  2. The new Keyword Planner is finally ready
  3. Bing Ads is now Microsoft Advertising

Let’s dig in.

Parallel Tracking deadline looming

After launching parallel tracking for search ads last year, Google decided it’s time to set it live for Google Ads display campaigns, too. It’s important to note it will be mandatory for all advertisers that add tracking parameters to their display ad URLs in Google Ads on July 31. Parallel tracking was also supposed to be extended to Video campaigns, however, Google graciously decided to postpone it in order to allow businesses more time to prepare.

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Since we are still on the topic of Google Ads, there’s an important update we simply must share. After launching the new Keyword Planner in 2018, Google did it’s best to simplify the navigation and improve forecasting based on users’ feedback. And now, with the new version finally complete, the company is depreciating the old one. More details can also be found in the Help Center.

Bing rebrands

In the beginning, there was Microsoft adCenter. Then it got rebranded and became Bing Ads. Now, there is Microsoft Advertising. Is it only us or do you also think the Microsoft marketing team needs to justify their existence with a rebrand every now and again? Let’s change the word adCentre to Advertising after a bit of Bing in the middle – genius! More details on what users should expect can be found on Microsoft’s Advertising Blog.


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