This week, in our PPC and ads news, we cover Google Ads enabling reporting across multiple accounts in Report Editor, Reddit adding new video ad options and Microsoft Advertising following in Google Ads footsteps by shutting down accelerated ad delivery.

“The greatest thing to be achieved in advertising, in my opinion, is believability, and nothing is more believable than the product itself.” – Leo Burnett

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:

  1. Google Ads Report Editor was updated with easier cross-account analysis
  2. Reddit releases improvements to its video ad offerings
  3. Microsoft Advertising will also be deprecating accelerated ad delivery

Let’s dig in.

Google Ads New Update Makes Analysis Of Cross-Accounts Easier

If you run several accounts for your brands or product lines in Google Ads, reporting can be time-consuming. Users have not been able to visualise and manipulate their cross-account data directly in their browser. Instead, they had to download reports from the Manager account. Well, this is all in the past now.

Google Ads announced the availability of cross-account analysis for Manager accounts in Report Editor which allows up to ten accounts to be managed. The company said they are planning to increase the limit in the future.

Why should you care? The cross-account reporting will allow advertisers to analyse performance data across accounts with the Google Ads UI on desktop using one manager login.

For example, let’s say that you manage three accounts in different regions and want to look at global performance over time. Previously, you would need to download performance for each account individually; and then, stitch the data together to find global trends. Now, you can analyse this cross-account performance with custom tables, charts, and data segments directly in your browser” states Google.

New Video Ad Options In Reddit

Reddit announced the release of some new video ad options as it seeks to maximise its revenue opportunities. Especially, with the holiday season approaching.

First up, Reddit is adding a new mobile landing page flow for video ads. It will better guide users through the ad engagement process.

As explained by Reddit, “to improve the video ads experience for both users and advertisers, we are enabling a new landing page on mobile that combines a seamless viewing experience with additional branding and product information that directs to the advertiser’s website. With this update, Reddit users who click an in-feed video ad will be taken to a website that will continue playing the video, uninterrupted; alongside other branding and marketing from the advertiser.

Essentially, it builds out the Reddit video ad experience. Rather than redirecting you to another site, Reddit will now facilitate more branding and engagement opportunities within its own video experience.

Additionally, Reddit will also support extra aspect rations in its video ads, with 1:1 square and 4:5 vertical video now available; in addition to 16:9 and 4:3 video formats.

Lastly, there will also be optional referral URLs for cost-per-view (CPV) campaign ”which will enable a cleaner video ad experience for campaigns with video views as the primary campaign objective.

Reddit might not be your primary social marketing option, however, it still holds significant potential. It can be a valuable advertising and outreach option.

Why should you care?

The new video options will expand the potential for experimentation on the site – something to keep in mind for your 2020 planning, Also, keep in mind that the platform currently serves 330 million monthly active users across some 130,000 active communities. Not to mention it is also seeing a 30% growth in views year on year; and, facilitates reach to audiences who are simply not active on other networks.

Microsoft Advertising Will Be Shutting Down Accelerated Delivery Too

Last month, we reported Google Ads will be deprecating the accelerated ad delivery starting October 7. It seems Microsoft Advertising will be following in Google’s footsteps as it announced the option to have ads delivered as early and often as possible will be going away next month.

Starting November 1, all Microsoft Advertising Search, Dynamic Search Ads and Shopping campaigns will automatically start serving standard delivery.

Why? Accelerated delivery was designed to serve ads as early and as often as possible throughout the day. It was never a good idea to use it if your campaign budget was restrained. However, both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising point out how inefficient it is for budget-constrained campaigns. So, perhaps advertisers weren’t using it correctly. Google stated that CPCs are higher earlier in the day because budgets haven’t run out yet. Both companies also say standard delivery is now better at predicting the best times to serve your ads.

According to A.Gupta and C.Ventura at Microsoft, “standard budget strategy is a ‘smarter instrument’ as it picks and chooses the right time to serve with the intent of optimising your performance based on multiple factors.

Why should you care? Ad delivery will be determined by machine learning in both Google and Microsoft. Parity between the two platforms with this setting makes sense for Microsoft Advertising; and, advertisers who import campaigns from Google Ads.

Final Thoughts

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