Campaign optimisation scores are now being displayed in the Google Ads app making it easier for advertisers to adjust their ad campaigns, Facebook rolls out new types of interactive mobile ads and a free interactive report of the daily trends and habits of the Instagram audience.

“Good advertising is a dialogue with people…” – Lee Clow

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:

  1. Advertisers can now see if their ads are optimised directly on their mobile
  2. Facebook’s new video poll ads and AR ads
  3. Instagram in-stream video ads are driving more purchases than Story Ads

Let’s dive in into this month’s ppc and ads news.

Optimisation Score Now Available In Google Ads App

Google has updated its Ads app with support for campaign optimisation scores.

What is optimisation score? It’s a metric that was introduced last year and it’s designed to evaluate how well an ads campaign is optimised. The score ranges from 0% to 100%. With 100% meaning that your account is set up to perform at its full potential.

PPC and Ads News:What Happened In The Ads World This Month? | - free email marketing

Using the mobile app, advertisers can now review their optimisation score as well as apply any recommended changes immediately. Recommendations given by the app are prioritised according to what will have the greatest impact.

Previously, this was only available on desktop. Ah, we almost forgot, navigating to the score is easy. Simply go to the ‘Recommendations’ section and that’s it.

Facebook Rolls Out New Video Poll Ads

Facebook announced a new video poll ad format and the expansion of AR ads. 

Video poll (VP) ads. After the success the company has seen after releasing poll stickers for Instagram Stories Ads, it’s now bringing polling capabilities to video ads. “In our early findings, we’re seeing poll ads in Feed drive increased brand awareness and conversions,” said Facebook.

According to the company’s internal data, five out of nine brand lift studies showed poll ads increased brand awareness compared to regular video ads.

AR ads moving into beta. The first time Facebook started testing its augmented reality ads (with a selected number of brands) was back in the summer of 2018. However, now, they are opening up the global beta for AR ad units; and, making the ad format available to all advertisers.

In early tests of AR ads, WeMakeUP reported a 27.6 lift in purchases. With the average consumer spending 38 seconds interacting with AR ads. They also saw a 53% higher click-through rate compared to non-AR video ads.

PPC and Ads News:What Happened In The Ads World This Month? | - free email marketing

Why should you care? With this ad update, Facebook has broadened the playing field for mobile advertisers, giving marketers new ad formats designed to boost engagement. The new VP ads and AR ads will allow marketers to deliver more interactive experiences; and, help differentiate their brands from the competition. 

VP ads are scheduled to launch this month and the AR ads are moving into open beta globally in the fall.

Instagram’s In-Stream Video Ads

According to a report from Wibbtiz, advertisers who want to drive more purchases on Instagram may want to focus on in-stream video ads instead of Story Ads.

The online video editing platform surveyed 1,000 customers in the US, UK and France to get a broad overview of user’s behaviour. Of the 1,000 participants, 73% said they were Instagram users.

In-stream video ads vs Story Ads. Out of the 73% of responders who stated they are Instagram users, 31% said they had purchased a product directly after watching a video on the platform. After digging into the types of video ads that resulted in a purchase, 27% of the people surveyed reported they bought something directly after watching an in-stream video ad. Only 12% said they had done the same after watching a video ad within an Instagram Story.

Drive engagement through the Explore tab. According to the Wibbitz survey, 26% of the Instagram users polled stated they follow new brand accounts discovered through the Explore tab, at least, once a month.

Why should you care? Instagram consistently ranks as the preferred social platform for younger audiences. 95% of the Gen Z respondents surveyed by Webbitz and 85% of the Millennials use it. Hence, knowing how younger audiences engage with brands on the app (and the type of content that’s most likely to drive interactions) is key insight marketers need. It will help them optimise both their ad pounds and organic posts on the social network.

You can download the free report here.

Final Thoughts

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