Each month, our dear friends at UKFast use their SIEM platform to collect and analyse millions of events across their clients’ networks to detect and, consequently, block cyber-threats. 

After six months of record-breaking breaches and attacks, their Q3 2020 Cyber-Threat report is finally here and with 1.44 billion events analysed with nearly 84 million suspicious events identified and 8.5 million prevented attacks, these are the most common cyber-attack vectors used by criminals to target UK businesses for Q3 2020.

  • Content Management System (CMS) login attempts – 8.2 million cyber-attacks detected. The goal was to gain access and leverage control over your systems, steal your data or carry out further internal-network attacks
  • WordPress POST requests – nearly 6 million cyber-attacks detected.  The goal was to flood servers with POST requests and eat into server resources to exploit vulnerabilities. Examples of POST requests: leaving a comment, posting a tweet or filling in a contact form on a website. 
  • Suspicious URL access – almost 2.2 million detected cyber-attacks aimed at gaining access to servers and allowing attackers to identify attack vectors (flaws) and exploit them 

Furthermore, the most common origins of blocked attacks are – 

  • Russia – 1,368,375
  • The U.S. – 1,483,311
  • The UK – 357,924
  • Latvia – 407,523
  • The Netherlands – 297,108

For a more detailed explanation of the Q3 2020 Cyber-Threat report and advice on how to prevent cyber-attacks, click here.

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