Google Search Console messages can now be viewed without leaving reports plus Google working on integrating package tracking into search results and changes on how local search results are generated.

“Relevance is a search engine’s holy grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.” – Marc Ostrofsky

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent search engine news:

  1. Viewing your GSC messages without leaving your reports
  2. Tracking packages on Google’s search results page is coming to more carriers
  3. Google changes how local search results are generated

Let’s dig in.

Google Introduces The New Search Console Messages

Google Search Console (GSC) sends millions of messages every month. They are Google’s main way of letting users know when their website has a new issue; and, also, to make users aware of updates and opportunities to improve their presence on Google.

Google has announced that messages are now accessed via the bell notification icon at the top of any page within the Search Console.

Search Engine News: What's New In the World Of Search Engines and SEO? | - free email marketing software

Why should you care? The ability to reference messages without leaving the report a user is viewing makes information more accessible and improve the workflow which can facilitate better decision making. The categorised messages will also make it easier to locate communications pertaining to specific issues.

Delivery Tracking on Google’s Search Results Page Coming To More Carriers

People often use Google Search to find information on the status of their deliveries. Thus, the company announced, shipping companies across the world can now sign up to participate in Google’s package tracking early access program which will allow companies to show users the real-time status of their delivery right on the search results page.

The early adopters program is open to all carriers that meet the eligibility requirements in countries where Google Search is available. Carriers must also provide a RESTful JSON and XML API that returns tracking information in order to participate.

The updated interface now allows site owners to view their messages from anywhere within the tool without leaving the reports. Also, the messages will be categorised into types such as Performance, Coverage, Enhancement and so forth.

Search Engine News: What's New In the World Of Search Engines and SEO? | - free email marketing software

Why should you care? This feature has been available to major domestic shipping companies for over a decade. However, the program’s extension of the feature to more companies around the world will ultimately make Google an extension of the companies own sites. This will also result in another zero-click search scenario with the exception that carriers have the option to participate.

A Google Update Affecting Local Search Results

In what has been called the November 2019 Local Search Update, Google is now applying neural matching to local search results. In order to explain neural matching, Google points to a tweet published earlier this year that describes it as a super-synonym system

What does it mean though? Neural matching allows Google to better understand the meaning behind queries and match them to the most relevant local businesses. Even if the keywords in the query aren’t specifically included in the business name and/or description.

In other words, some business listings might now be surfaced for queries they would not have shown up for; prior to this update. Let’s hope that proves to be a good thing.

The company also points out that, although the update has been fully rolled out, local search results as they are displayed now are not set in stone by any means. Like regular web search, results can change over time.

Final Thoughts

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