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In this search engine news roundup, we cover the most recent updates to GSC, Google’s questionnaire for potentially making GMB paid and what is Googlebot.

In this article, we’ll cover the most recent search engine news about:

  1. Google’s changes to Google Search Console
  2. Will Google start charging for Google My Business?
  3. Google announced one of the biggest news for the SEO industry, this year

Let’s dig in.

Changes to GSC

Google has been busy changing and adding features to the Search Console (GSC), the most recent update are three new reports which are related to structured data. Two of the new enhancement reports for the Sitelinks searchbox and Logo structured data will be joining the existing reports for Recipe, Event, Job Posting and others.

The third – Unparsable Structured Data – will report parsing issues such as structured data syntax errors that prevent Google from identifying the feature type. Further details can be found on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog.

Charges for Google my Business?

We learnt Google may decide to start charging for Google My Business listings. But, if they do wouldn’t that introduce an issue for how Google defends their free/organic listings?

So far, it seems some companies have received questionnaires to check if they would pay for features they are currently getting for free. If Google starts charging, you now know who to blame.

Because it makes so much sense to pay for something that you’re using for free, right? Will this idea see the light of day, we don’t know. According to Joy Hawkins, there’s nothing to panic about since this was just Google’s attempt to understand its customers better and find out how they can bring more value to them. Hmm.

Spider the Java

Do you know what Googlebot is and what it does? No. Well, it’s the crawler that visits web pages to include them within Google Search index, sometimes referred to as a spider.

Why are we telling you this?

Because Google just announced probably one of the biggest events for the SEO industry this year – Googlebot is now evergreen. It means it will stay up-to-date with the latest version of Chromium, Google’s popular search browser.

What does that mean, Javascript gets crawled and other interesting stuff, for further details click here.


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