Search Engine News: This week, Google Search Console adds ‘Change of Address’ tool to the new interface, Google is adding reports to help with your videos in Search Console and Google ranking factors for 2020.

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent search engine news:

  1. Google migrates the ‘Change of Address’ tool to the new version of the Search Console
  2. GSC adds new reports for video search results
  3. A set of Google ranking factors to take into considerations in 2020 

Let’s dig in.

A ‘Change of Address’ Tool Will Be Added To The New Interface Of GSC

Google announced that they have added the Change of Address tool to the new interface of Google Search Console (GSC). This feature was previously available in the old Search Console but it was not migrated when Google shut down the old interface.

What is the Change of Address tool? It is a way to communicate to Google that your site has moved to a new address. According to Google, you can “use the Change of Address tool when you move your website from one domain or subdomain to another. For instance, from to or” The tool will tell Google about the change and help migrate your Google search results from your old website to your new one.

Why should you care? The tool is one of the fundamental ones used by SEOs and webmasters when migrating a website from one URL to another. It helps Google pick up on the change faster as well as helping site owners communicate that said change has occurred. With the tool now migrated to the new interface, the community no longer needs to worry if Google will be killing off this feature – you know, since it’s already in the interface.

Google Adds New Video Reports To Search Console

Google has announced two new reports within GSC. They will help users understand how well your videos are performing in Google search and help you fix issues with your videos displaying in Search.

Video Appearances in the Performance report. The first report is a new option which can be found under the Performance report, within Search Appearances, to see video-only clicks and impressions. According to Google, “the performance report already includes an option to see the performance of your video tab search results (type=video). We are excited to share that we’ve extended our support for videos so users can now also see the performance of their videos in the main search results tab (type = web) and in Discover using the new Video appearance.

Content will show in this report if you are using VideoObject structured data or if Google uses other signals to detect that there is a video on the page.

Video enhancement report details. Google also launched a new enhancement report for videos. For sites that use structured data to annotate videos, Google will show this new video report under the enhancements section. The report will show video errors and warnings for markup implemented on your website and help you fix those errors.

Why should you care? Videos are a big way of getting content into Google Search as well as Google Discover. Many publishers and website owners use video to help their site visitors learn more about the topic the page (or website) is about. Making sure videos perform well is search can lead to an increase in traffic and conversions for your business.

Google Ranking Factors For 2020: Facts and Myths

Google reportedly utilises more than 200 ranking factors when calculating its search result listings. However, no one can tell for certain what, exactly, is included within this process. Moreover, as the search engine evolves, it’s always changing. Therefore, what worked as a raking factor yesterday, might be of no use today.

Since Google has never published any official ranking factor listings, the specifics have been subject to a lot of controversy and speculation. Not to worry though. The team at SEO PowerSuite created a cool infographic outlining a set of ranking factors to take into account in 2020. It has direct reference proofs from Google and industry research debunking a lot of industry myths and rumours.

The full list falls into six important categories:

1) Domain factors
2) Content factors
3) Site structure and code factors
4) Performance and security factors
5) User interactions factors
6) Links factors.

We wouldn’t want to spoil your fun by revealing all the details listed in the infographic. We’ll only say this – you must read it, all of it. Now. You can find the infographic here.

Final Thoughts

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