In this search engine news roundup, we cover Google having yet another indexing issue, a minor autumn cleaning session in Search Console’s API and what exactly is Google Go.

“Rankings are not the goal. They are the trophy of a job well done.” – Stoney deGeyter

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent search engine news:

  1. Google is experiencing an indexing issue, yet again
  2. Google cleaning up the Search Console API
  3. What is Google Go?

Let’s dig in.

Google Might be Having Indexing Issues Again

Is your new content not showing up in Google Search?

It appears Google had, yet another, issue indexing new content. Danny Sullivan from Google, validated the indexing concern saying: 

It is unclear how widespread the indexing issue is but based on Barry Schwartz’s tests, some content is getting indexed quickly whilst other content is not.

Google also had some indexing issues earlier last month that was resolved within 24-hours. The search engine also had a similar issue last May and inadvertently de-indexed sites from  April. The company recently issued an explanation which shed light on the indexing problem.

Why does it matter? If you have new content you’ve published on your website and it’s not showing up in Google, you are losing traffic. By losing traffic, you are losing revenue – potentially. 

Minor Clean Up In Search Console’s API

With the move to the new Search Console, Google decided to spring clean parts of the GSC API.

Going forward, in the Search Analytics API, Google will no longer support the following Android app search appearance types: Is InstallIs App Universal and  Is Opened.

Since these appearance types are no longer used in the UI, they haven’t been populated with data recently. 

Additionally, for the Sitemaps API, the company stated they will no longer populate data on the indexing status of submitted sitemap files in the ‘Indexed’ field.

Google stated they currently have no specific timeframes on the Search Console API updating.

Google’s Lightweight Search App ‘Google Go’ Available Worldwide

Google Go, a scaled-down alternative to the flagship Google Search, is now available to all Android users worldwide. Previously, Google Go was available only in selected countries where a majority of citizens are using low-spec Android phones.

The app is optimised to run fast on low-spec devices because it uses less storage and less memory. Given that it’s so lightweight, it also works well in locations where wireless connections tend to be slow or unstable. In addition to using less memory, less storage and working well with spotty internet connectivity, it also offers some advanced features such as the ability to read content out loud.

Google Go can read web pages in a natural-sounding voice across 28 languages, even on connections as slow as 2G. It can also read text captured in photos with Google Lens.

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The feature utilises AI to determine which parts of a page to read and which to leave out, so it won’t end up reading things like text ads in between paragraphs.

And the best part, if you lose your internet connection at any point Google Go will remember your place and retrieve the last set of search results once the connection is re-established. You can read more about Google Go here.

Final Thoughts

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