Worried your social media efforts aren’t leading where you want to be?

“Social media replaces nothing but complements everything.” – Neal Schaffer

These quick social media marketing hacks will help you get inspired – and certainly back on track, fast.

Read on for social media marketing hacks about:

  • Speeding up your workflow
  • Increasing engagement
  • Standing out in a newsfeed
  • Improving organic reach
  • Working with influencers

…and much more.

25 Social Media Marketing Hacks

General Social Media Marketing Hacks

1. Prioritise the platforms your audience members actually use.
2. Reply to people who comment and try to spark genuine conversations.
3. Focus on building strong relationships with smaller, more engaged audiences.
Facebook suppresses organic reach of posts containing links by up to 90%. Therefore, don’t put links in every Facebook post.
Share posts from people you want to follow you and share your stuff. A follow-for-follow strategy is no longer enough.
Ask for feedback from your peers in your LinkedIn posts.
Manage your social media output through a centralised platform like Buffer.
Schedule multiple tweets relating to the same post.
Incorporate stats and hard numbers into your headlines, tweets and titles.
Give something away for nothing, e.g. coupons.
Partner with highly targeted micro-influencers in your field rather than chasing after big names.
Use Tweetdeck to assess the true effectiveness and reach of an influencer.
Don’t forget to build your email list. Make this a key aim of your social media efforts.
Type site:linkedin.com into Google, followed by a user’s name/job type. As a result, you’ll be able to track down full LinkedIn profiles above your membership level.

Content Hacks

15. Curate great content from top voices in your field. You certainly don’t have to create everything yourself.
16. Reshare your best content again and again. Similarly, you can do the same with videos/infographics/etc.
Quickly adapt or create content that joins a trending topic.
Produce free ebooks and other high-value content… however, make it gated.
Draw people into your Twitter posts by splitting longer content and step-by-step guides over several Tweets, replying to your own Tweet to create a thread.
Feel free to hide or mute nasty, pointless troll-comments from your content.

Image & Video Hacks

21. Optimise images for each and every platform using Designfeed.io, for instance.
22. Include a strong visual element in every post. This will certainly draw the user’s attention.
Consider adding a GIF to your tweets or other posts. As a result, you’ll grab the attention of the use.
Post short videos to maximise engagement. However, in order to avoid unwanted ads, keep them up to 60s.
Upload native video rather than cross-posting. This will certainly improve your reach.

Final Thoughts

In short, whatever you post, make sure it’s always valuable, serves a purpose and, most importantly, fits with your broader content strategy. Increasingly, social media platforms like Facebook punish overposting and low engagement, so it’s crucial you make every social media post count.

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