In this social media news roundup, we cover Facebook launching new design and navigation for Business Manager, Instagram testing a new Stories listings notification tool and Pinterest launching a new mobile ad tool to help create campaigns on the go.

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In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent social media news:

  1. Facebook rolling out a new design for its Business Manager which will make things faster and easier
  2. Instagram adds new notification tools and options for Stories
  3. Pinterest’s new mobile app ad tool to help you create ads in 4 steps

Let’s dig in.

Facebook Redesigns Its Business Manager

Facebook’s new design for its Business Manager is phasing in and it includes changes to permissions management for agencies.

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According to Graham Mudd, the changes are “around making our platform easier and more consistent to use”. The redesign includes:

  • Business Manager UI updates. There will be a new navigation menu on the left after a user logs in which will include links to key management areas such as Ads Manager, Audiences, Ads Reporting and settings. There’s also a new ‘Create Ad’ shortcut at the very top on the menu.

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  • Business Manager bulk permissions management. In your Business Settings, under Users, you’ll notice a Partners section. In it, agencies will be able to see the list of their clients that have provided access and the assets they’ve shared.

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The changes supposedly should make it easier to control access as well as get and grant access to pixels, ad accounts, pages, product catalogues and more.

It’s important to note there will be some basic info users will still need to get. Also, permissions for specific people will continue to be managed at the asset level. Most importantly, if you’re granting access, your partner or agency needs to have a Business Manager account and they’ll need to give you they Business ID and contact’s name and email address.

Why should you care? If you’ve used Business Manager in the past, you probably agree it wasn’t very intuitive. Granting and receiving access to accounts has been not only a time-consuming process but a bit frustrating, too. In our opinion, these new updates are a much welcomed changed making our work – and life – much easier. Of course, there’s still a learning curve, but with so many products housed under one roof, simplicity in no longer feasible. You can find out more on Facebook’s Business page.

Instagram Is Testing a New ‘Stories About You’ Listing Tool

Instagram Stories have been on the rise for quite some time. Therefore, it’s really not a surprise to see that the company is now looking to add new notification tools and options to help boost users engagement; and, to ensure people are aware of relevant mentions, too.

The latest tool about this comes in the form of a new ‘Stories About you’ listing which was spotted by none other than our favourite reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. 

The new section will list all the Stories in which a user’s been @metioned (or tagged) by the Story creator, separating these notifications from your general stream.

Why should you care? The option could be particularly beneficial for high-profile users who see a lot of mentions. It will help them to understand their notification list better as well as respond to relevant alerts. It’ll also be beneficial for brands, alerting them to mentions in Stories and helping them categorise their streams in order to gauge related activity.

At this stage, the option is in test mode so we don’t really have a lot of details on how it might work specifically. However, most of Wong’s back-end discoveries go on to become actual feature announcements within a few months. Therefore, you can expect to see more about this in the near future. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your opinions on the matter – pop them in our comment section.

Pinterest Launches A News Tool To Help Brands Create Ads From Mobile Devices

Pinterest launched a new process which will enable advertisers to create Pin ad campaigns, with streamline targeting options to simplify the process, directly from their mobile devices.

Up until this point, businesses have had to set up their campaigns from the desktop website. The new options will facilitate the whole process on mobile: “Businesses start advertising on mobile by choosing a Pin from their business profile and then selecting from automated and custom targeting options. After choosing Pins and targeting options, they can pick the duration and daily budget of the campaign, complete billing information and then publish the ad – all from a mobile device” said Pinterest.

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Campaign controls and editing options, performance metrics, including advertising spend, remaining campaign duration, impressions, clicks, click-through rates and saves will all be available via the mobile app. Businesses like FOUNT and Little Blue Olive are already seeing results from earlier testing.

The new mobile ad tools should already be available to US businesses, with global expansion to follow soon. More on the topic here.

Final Thoughts

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