Facebook’s Lookalike audiences now use the locations from ad sets eliminating an extra step in the targeting set up process, Twitter testing tweet scheduling and Instagram testing a new display for IGTV content.

“Social Media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.” – Matt Goulart

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent social media news:

  1. Facebook to pull location from ad sets when creating new Lookalike audiences 
  2. Twitter is experimenting with a feature to schedule tweets
  3. Instagram is working a new IGTV layout

Let’s dig in.

Facebook Lookalikes Now Use Ad Set Locations

Duane Brown – Head of digital agency Take Some Risk – spotted Facebook testing the removal of the location field that advertisers use to create Lookalike audiences – Facebook’s tool for reaching new audiences based on how they compare to existing customers. 

When creating new lookalike lists, advertisers will see a notification stating that the tool now uses the locations pulled from your ad sets. Facebook will make copies of existing lookalikes with the locations removed to use in future campaigns. It’s important to note, active campaigns with previously created lookalike audiences will continue to run as normal. Why should you care?  For brands that target audiences across multiple geographic locations, inputting locations to build a lookalike audience can be a time-consuming and duplicative effort. Pulling location data from ad sets can help advertisers speed up the Lookalike setup process and reduce missing potential key target location.

Tweet Scheduling: Could It Be?

Twitter is experimenting with a feature that will let users schedule tweets natively on Twitter.com. However, the company has not yet confirmed how widespread the feature is – at this point. The test was confirmed by Twitter’s standalone app TweetDeck, which enables users to manage, sort and schedule tweets across various Twitter accounts. 

Why should you care? The vast majority of people (and businesses) do not use TweetDeck or another third-party tool to manage their activities. Therefore, having scheduling capabilities available on Twitter.com will make it easier for more marketers, influencers and social media managers to write and schedule tweets from their desks or even on-the-go via the mobile web. If Twitter rolls out the feature to all users, brands could end up relying less on third-party social management platforms to compose and schedule content.

Instagram Working on New IGTV Feed and Explore

It’s difficult to say what the future holds for Instagram’s dedicated video platform – IGTV. However, our favourite reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong discovered Instagram is still working on new ways to get more people engaging with IGTV content. 

As shown in Jane’s discovery, Instagram is working on a new format for IGTV content which would switch a user’s main feed into a vertical scrolling list, leading them through to the next video in the stream. The company is also looking to add categories into the IGTV discovery listings – for comparison.

The new layout which, as noted, is only in test mode and may never be rolled out seems more aligned with the vertical scrolling of TikTok and less like the current clone of Snapchat’s discovery listings – which could point to where Instagram thinks users attention is shifting.

As for splitting videos into categories, this could prove to be a better way to get users more engaged in new content. Rather than seeing generic listings of top content, providing topic-streams could help guide users to what they’re more interested in. Which Instagram can then optimise for based on each person’s activity. 

Final Thoughts

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