This week, in our social media news, we cover Facebook introducing new custom templates for Stories Ads, Instagram beefing up security to give users more control over third-party apps access and Snapchat launching Dynamic Ads. 

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage and build relationships.” – David Alston

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent social media news:

  1. Facebook is making it easier to create custom Stories Ads
  2. Instagram’s new security feature makes it easier to block apps from your account
  3. Snapchat launches ‘Dynamic Ads’ which will create ads based on uploaded product catalogues

Let’s dig in.

Facebook Introduces New Custom Templates For Stories Ads

Facebook is introducing new templates which will make it easier for marketers to create custom stories ads across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

Social Media News: Updates From The Social Media Universe | - free email marketing software

The new templates are in addition to the previous default ones, which allowed marketers to take any digital asset and render it as a fullscreen vertical ad. 

When designing creative for a digital campaign, we always recommend creating unique assets for different placements when possible. However, as marketers and businesses, we have finite resources and time; and, it may not always be possible to create specific assets for each placement. To help tackle that challenge, we’re making it easier for businesses of any size to create for fullscreen vertical stories placements” says Facebook.

Customisable stories templates make it possible for marketers to turn existing assets into stories ads with minimal effort. Here’s how it works:

  • Upload an existing asset to Ads Manager
  • Choose from a variety of layouts
  • Customise background colours
  • Add text
  • Select cropping options

With these tools, marketers can produce creative ads that feel natural to the stories environment.

Initial tests with Instagram Stories showed that using customisable templates instead of using the default ones may lead to better campaign performance. Why? Because it allows marketers to tailor an asset for their specific brand and campaign.

Streetbees, a company who specializes in real-time insights, saw a 40% increase in incremental app installs and a 29% reduction in cost per incremental click when using customisable templates versus the automatic default template.

Instagram Is Once Again Beefing Up Its Security

Instagram announced that they’re adding a new feature that will make it easier for people to control which third-party apps have access to their account and what information is shared with them. The feature will launch “gradually in the next six months.”

With the change, Instagram is introducing Facebook-like controls for apps that request access to your account. The first time you use one of these apps, you will see an authorisation screen. It’ll let you know exactly what information the app is requesting.

Social Media News: Updates From The Social Media Universe | - free email marketing software

Additionally, Instagram is making it easier to view how many apps you’ve previously authorised; and, allow you to easily remove them from your account. In the app’s main setting menu, there will be a new ‘Apps and Websites’ menu in the Security section. There you can see when an app was connected and remove it from your account.

Social Media News: Updates From The Social Media Universe | - free email marketing software

Instagram’s update comes amid a wider crackdown on third-party apps at Facebook. Last month, the social network revealed that it had removed “tens of thousands” of apps from its platform for breaking its rules, as a result of its investigation following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Third-party services have also posed problems for Instagram in the past. Hackers have successfully impersonated analytics services in order to hijack high-profile accounts and one of the company’s ‘preferred marketing partners’ was caught scraping location data from millions of users.

Snapchat Launches ‘Dynamic Ads’

Snapchat has launched a new ‘Dynamic Ads’ option which is a powerful solution for advertisers to create mobile ads at scale and at the same time preserve the identity of a brand’s products through appealing mobile-native templates. Advertisers can easily choose between templates that have been designed to showcase products in the best possible way. That will make their ads look great without needing a designer.

Social Media News: Updates From The Social Media Universe | - free email marketing software

Furthermore, Dynamic Ads offer an improved return on effort; significantly cutting the time that would have been spent on creating individual ads manually. Ads are also more relevant, as advertisers can choose to target a prospecting audience or re-engagement audience. Snap’s system delivers ads in real-time and they will adjust depending on changes to products within the uploaded product catalog.

Similar options are available on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, enabling businesses to upload their entire product catalogs in order to fuel their promotion efforts, though Snap’s offering goes a step further in that it also combines these creative templates to better showcase your content, as opposed to adding it to a generic listing.

Final Thoughts

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