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In this social media news roundup, we cover Facebook’s attempt to dismiss the Cambridge Analytica lawsuit, eMarketer’s report on time spent on social networks, Snapchat’s spy allegations and Pinterest’s new app in Windows Store (for Win 10).

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent social media news:

  1. Facebook is trying to get the Cambridge Analytica lawsuit dismissed in D.C.
  2. User’s time spend on Instagram grows while Facebook and Snapchat usage flattens
  3. Snapchat employees accused of allegedly abusing their access to user’s private data
  4. Pinterest’s new app for Windows 10 – getting Pinterest on your PC

Let’s dig in.

Facebook’s Motion to Dismiss Cambridge Analytica lawsuit

At the beginning of June, Facebook filed a motion, in Washington D.C., for the Cambridge Analytica lawsuit to be dismissed. The motion was denied on the basis that the social media giant harmed city residents. How did it harm them? By failing to protect their data.

Judge Fern Flanagan Saddler decided the case could proceed. She also rejected arguments from Facebook that D.C. does not have proper jurisdiction over the California-based social media behemoth that operates around the world.

Saddler also rejected Facebook’s request to stay the proceedings pending another class-action case against Facebook in California over similar issues.

The request came shortly after another judge in Delaware ordered Facebook to turn over emails and records related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal to shareholders suing the company.

I must say, the social media giant is having a pretty awful couple of years. And, to be honest, things are not looking too bright for them – even now. But hey, people are still using it – data breaches or not. Just keep changing your password, every other day.

Instagram’s Usage Grows, Facebook & Snapchat Usage Hits a Plateau

According to eMarketer, time spent on Instagram is expected to grow this year, while Facebook will not recover from last year’s drop in engagement.

Social Media News: What Caught Our Attention This Month | EmailOut.com - free email marketing softwareThe prediction for Instagram is that users will spend an average of 27-minutes per day on the app, which is a minute more than last year. This number will keep growing a minute per year through 2021, says the research firm. However, even with that growth, the average amount of time on Instagram will still lag at least 8-minutes behind the average time users are expected to spend on Facebook two years from now.

After dropping from 41-minutes per day in 2017 to 38-minutes per day in 2018, the average amount of time spent on Facebook seems to have flattened – for now. The average amount of time spent on Snapchat has also plateaued, according to eMarketer’s forecasts, with adult users projected to spend 26-minutes per day on the app through 2021.

Why should you care? The less time users spend on social platforms, the fewer chances marketers get to reach that network’s users. Time will tell if Facebook and Snapchat will make any changes to address the fact that people are spending less time on their networks.

Snapchat’s Spying Allegations

Multiple Snapchat employees with access to user’s private data have been allegedly abusing it for quite some time.

According to two former employees, Snapchat has dedicated tools which can access consumer data. The accused employees have been said to have abused these exact tools. Also, it was said employees could view user location information, saved Snaps, phone numbers and email addresses via these tools.

Social Media News: What Caught Our Attention This Month | EmailOut.com - free email marketing softwareSnapLion is one of the internal tools that could be used for spying on users. It was originally utilised to gather information on users if law enforcement requests it. However, it seems access to the tool has expanded across multiple departments. Allegedly, a department called “Customer Ops” and security staff are said to have had access to SnapLion.

It remains unconfirmed if this access to user data was abused, however, it has been pointed out that the alleged spying took place years ago.

Snapchat responded to these allegations by stating they are “wholly inaccurate”. Hmm.  More information about this topic can be found here.

Pinterest’s New Windows 10 App

Have you ever browsed through Pinterest on your desktop?

According to Statcounter, 13.61% of people worldwide are using the Pinterest app on either desktop, mobile, tablet or console which ranks it as the second most used social media after Facebook – 69.52%.

If you’re wondering why I’m giving these stats, don’t. I’ll just tell you. Whilst the vast majority of Pinterest’s usage comes via mobile devices, the company is seeking to maximise its options by launching an integrated Windows 10 app, which adds Pinterest to your Start menu and facilitates more seamless browsing on PCs. I’ve already downloaded the app to my PC and have been enjoying it tremendously – especially on quick (lunch) breaks. For more details, you can also take a look at Social Media Today’s article here.

Final Thoughts

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