Facebook improves its ads metrics offerings by replacing several metrics with new ones, three new features for Messenger designed to help brands better communicate with customers and Instagram testing a potential option to remove stories content across platforms.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” – Jeff Bezos

In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent social media news:

  1. Facebook announced changes to ad metrics
  2. Messenger gets new features to help brands better connect with customers
  3. Instagram testing the ability to remove Story content from Instagram and Facebook – simultaneously

Let’s dig in.

Facebook Is Implementing Updates To Improve Ads Metrics

Facebook announced it’ll be implementing changes to its video view metrics.

Firstly, Facebook will be removing its 10-second video view metrics which includes 10-second video views, cost per 10-second video view and unique 10-second video views. Here’s what the company said regarding this – 

“In July 2019, ThruPlay replaced 10-second video views as the default optimisation for video views campaigns. ThruPlay optimises for video plays to completion or for at least 15 seconds. We’ve found that ThruPlay optimisation drives cost-efficient brand lift that’s on par with 10-second video views; and, exceeds 10-second video views for ad recall lift. As part of this transition, we removed the 10-second video view optimisation and billing option in July 2019. We will remove the corresponding metrics mentioned in October.”

Secondly, in addition to the above, Facebook will also rename eleven of its video metrics.

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The reason behind renaming these metrics is “to make names clearer and more consistent”. It’s important to note that these are merely naming changes and the actual way of how the metrics are calculated will remain unchanged.

Lastly, as an effort to improve consistency of conversion reporting on its platform, Facebook will be removing Leads (form) metric – which currently exists outside the Leads metrics – in favour of an on-Facebook leads channel breakdown within the Leads metrics. The Leads metric will be omnichannel and include both on and off-Facebook leads.

Three New Features For Facebook Messenger

Facebook introduced three new features for Messenger which are designed to help brands communicate with their customers – icebreakers for business profiles, updates to click to messenger ads and more questions for users replying to messages from a business.

Icebreakers to help people start conversations with a business. Icebreakers are questions businesses can add to their Messenger profile via API. The feature offers users the option to click on a common FAQ to receive an automated response. According to Facebook, “icebreakers help businesses reduce friction in starting a conversation by surfacing common questions or topics of interest”.

Click to Messenger Ads. For businesses that already have multiple Facebook apps connected to Messenger, the company is making it easier to select which app the business wants to use for their click to messenger ads (an ad that runs in Facebook’s or Instagram’s News Feed but opens a chat in Messenger when clicked on). Unfortunately, the company didn’t give any explicit details on how brands can select the apps they want to be connected to their click to messenger ads. However, it did confirm that the “first phase” of the solution is now available – with additional improvements to be announced soon.

More reply options for users. The third, and last, feature are reactions and message replies that users can take advantage of during conversations with a business. The reactions allow users to use emojis to… well, react to a response. The message replies allow for threaded conversations in order for businesses to be able to see which exact message a user is responding to.

Why should you care?

Consumers state they would like more businesses to be available via messaging platforms. A survey of more than 11,000 people – ages 18 to 24 – conducted by Facebook, found that 60% of customers wish they could message more businesses. Therefore, these updates from Facebook do just that – help brands create more opportunities for direct communication.

Remove Stories Content From Both Instagram and Facebook

The awesome reverse engineering pro Jane Manchun Wong reported that Instagram is testing a new option which would enable users to remove their Stories content from both Instagram and Facebook in one action. 

Cross-posting has become an increasingly common Stories trend. Many brands have adopted it to their FB Story as a means of easy amplification of their Stories content. However, having to remove content from each platform, specifically, can be problematic. As such, this potential new option seems like a logical, simple solution to help better manage user’s stories content.

Earlier this year, Facebook reported that it’s now serving more than 1.25 billion Stories users each day across its family apps (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp), while FB Stories specifically is now up to 500 million daily active users.

Give this, it makes sense for Facebook – and Instagram – to add in new functionalities such as this in order to cater to such usage. It would be a major shift but it could be a helpful one for brands which regularly cross-post.

Final Thoughts

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