“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” – Brian Clark

Launching a startup can be a daunting and sometimes lonely endeavour. Few entrepreneurs have a variety of mentors to keep them pepped up and on the right track, day in, day out.

Luckily, there are many sources of wisdom, support and advice out there to keep a fledgeling startup on the path to success. Here are 10 of the best startup blogs for entrepreneurs.  

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the following startup blogs for entrepreneurs:

  1. Startup Mindset
  2. Both Sides of the Table
  3. OnStartups
  4. Marie Forleo
  5. Four Hour Work Week
  6. The Next Web
  7. TechCrunch
  8. She Owns It
  9. QuickSprout
  10. 500 Startup
  11. (A bonus blog) EmailOut

Let’s get started!

1. StartUp Mindset

What’s the difference between a small business and a startup? According to StartUp Mindset, the latter are newly-formed businesses that aim to grow as fast as possible. As such, that’s the focus of this blog, where you’ll find all kinds of resources designed to help you scale speedily.

2. Both Sides of the Table

The draw of this blog by entrepreneur-turned-VC Mark Suster is that, as the name suggests, it’s written by someone who understands both points of view. He knows what investors value in a new business, but he also understands the challenges of running one yourself – and how to present essential advice to startups as a result.

3. OnStartups

A super-engaging blog by Dharmesh Shah, founder of supremely successful marketing strategy company HubSpot. Articles cover a range of marketing and entrepreneurship topics, but all are practical, accessible and easy to follow.

4. Marie Forleo

Forleo describes herself as a “multi-passionate” entrepreneur that struggles to fit into one box, and her hugely successful marketing, business-growth and startup-training blog reflect that, appealing to entrepreneurs that like to dip their toes in many different roles. Prefer to watch than read? Check out her award-winning video series, MarieTV, featuring interviews with entrepreneurial big-hitters.

5. Four Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss’ enduringly popular guide to streamlining, outsourcing and generally making every process in your work and life as efficient as possible. While most of us aren’t actually striving to work just a few hours a week, startup owners who are overly inclined to doing everything themselves should take note of these great tips for freeing up time and making working hours much more productive!

6. The Next Web

This top tech blog has been running for over a decade and remains very influential all over the world. While it’s not specifically aimed at startups, it provides incredibly valuable insight into global tech trends, apps and other business developments that a savvy business person can’t afford to ignore.

7. TechCrunch Startups

Fancy checking out the competition? Browse through TechCrunch’s highly respected summaries and profiles of the world’s most ambitious startups kept constantly up to date here.

8. She Owns It

A blog focused on women in business that describes its manifesto as “celebrating, supporting and connecting women entrepreneurs”.  It’s a great resource for female startup owners or/and women considering taking the leap, featuring interviews and how-to guides from successful businesswomen and offering up plenty of practical advice that’s specifically relevant to female startup owners.

9. Neil Patel

QuickSprout founder Neil Patel is an undisputed marketing and online growth genius. His posts, podcasts and videos give clear, precise, detailed, fluff-free, data-backed advice and step-by-step guides to help you tackle every pain point and grow your online business faster.

10. 500 Startups

An early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator founded by Christine Tsai and Dave McClure, 500 Startups has fueled some seriously impressive startups, some of which have, in fact, gone to IPO. Their blog provides invaluable advice on impressing and pitching investors, as well as lessons learned by their own companies during early stage growth.

And the bonus blog…

11. EmailOut

Your go-to resource not only for all things email marketing but also for digital marketing tips and tricks, business growth, SEO, copywriting, digital marketing news, case studies and expert wisdom – wrapped in digestible bite-sized articles. You can get all the tips, tricks, advice and news directly to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter

Final Thoughts

Insight and advice like the one you will find in those startup blogs for entrepreneurs can be incredibly helpful in your early stages, but don’t get caught up in “Analysis Paralysis”. It’s important to be prepared, but you’ll learn your most important lessons by just getting out there and doing it. Be brave and take the plunge on your next business growth or marketing project, even if it scares you!

Ah, we also recommend taking a look at our article on how to fund your business growth. After all, you can’t allow the lack of funding to be the reason for your startup failing, can you? Especially, when there are some awesome growth hacks you can use.

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