2020 was challenging for all – businesses, marketers and consumers alike.

From customer experience to ecommerce, everything shifted thanks to the pandemic and digital marketing is no different. How marketers faced 2020’s unexpected challenges, you ask? 

Take a look at Mapp’s (an international provider of insight-led customer engagement) digital marketing survey results to find out – 

  • 45% of UK ecommerce brands saw a boost in ecommerce sales in 2020
  • 75% of businesses can identify less than 20% of customers who visit their website (anything to do with Google’s 3P cookies?) 
  • 38% of businesses can only identify less than 10% of customers visiting their website
  • 33% of ecommerce businesses provide a personalised website experience
  • only 13% of businesses look at providing a personalised website experience in 2021
  • 63% of businesses struggle with unconnected data sets and only a partial view of customer behaviour
  • only 27% of businesses use dynamic content on their website
  • 65% of businesses have accelerated digital and technological innovation due to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • 61% of businesses report their customer engagement platform significantly contributed to their growth in 2020

You can download Mapp’s The State of Digital Marketing 2021 (UK) infographic here.

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