1995: the year Constant Contact appeared on the market. Spam laws weren’t in existence then. Younger, more dynamic email marketing companies may provide your business with more up-to-date technology, features and support than the old tired incumbents, which is probably why you’re now reading an article on the best Constant Contact alternative. 

Does Constant Contact’s one-month free trial include access to all features? Or, do you get just basic functionality? Is the platform easy to use? What about the pricing? Do you constantly get upsold with features other platforms offer for free? How easy is it to cancel your subscription? Are you happy with Constant Contact’s customer support? All are valid questions. All, crucial points email marketers must consider when looking for the best Constant Contact alternative.

“If switching to a new ESP gave you all the important industry features for free, why would you continue to pay for them elsewhere? ” – EmailOut

Email is most companies’ primary method of one-to-one communication with their clients and prospects. Due to the importance of your email marketing channel, it is imperative to ensure that your new email provider ticks the following boxes – price, ease of use, features, knowledgeable near-instant support, reporting and more. Thanks to bold, somewhat geeky and extremely brave tech enthusiasts, Constant Contact’s position as one of the top ESPs is now challenged by cheaper, friendlier and overall superior delivery platforms. You are here because Constant Contact is no longer working for you and you don’t want to pay an obscene amount of money for poor service. If you are wondering what I am waffling on about – keep reading. You’ll discover what the best Constant Contact alternative is and how this ESP will cover all your current pain-points.  

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. Pros and cons of using Constant Contact
  2. Constant Contact’s perfect alternative 

Let’s dive in.

Type “What’s the best Constant Contact alternative?” or “free constant contact alternative” into Google and you’ll get overwhelmed by all the conflicting opinions and information. To make an informed decision when looking for the best Constant Contact alternative, you need to consider all possible factors – advantages, disadvantages, competitor analysis, possible alternatives and, of course, customer reviews.

Constant Contact – Advantages & Disadvantages

Constant Contact is one of many popular ESPs at the disposal of businesses of all sizes. However, despite expanding beyond just email marketing services and into websites, social media marketing and more, there are conflicting opinions whether Contact Contact is the best email marketing platform for businesses. 

Constant Contact offers its users numerous marketing tools. Especially in email marketing and website building. Based on public reviews, these are some of the advantages of using Contact Contact followed by the disadvantages.

Constant Contact Advantages

  • email templates 
  • marketing automation
  • email tracking
  • email scheduling
  • spam testing
  • ecommerce integrations
  • website builder
  • Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads

But, there are two sides to every coin. As such, there are also several disadvantages of using the Constant Contact platform as reported by its users.

Constant Contact Disadvantages

  • high price point – pricing is based on the number of stored contacts
  • lack of transactional email capability – time-sensitive emails such as password resets, shipping notification, order confirmations, etc. will have to be managed by a separate (paid) service
  • no ongoing FREE plan – new users only get a one-month free trial
  • lack of advanced automation – no way to set up a complex email series with an “if/then/else” criteria; automation sequences such as welcome emails only available with paid plans; auto-responders only when people sign up
  • unstable website builder
  • lack of near-instant customer support
  • buggy user interface (UI)
  • no in-app mobile preview feature
  • lack of fluid template design
  • limited personalisation personalisation is limited to the subject line and greeting
  • lack of dynamic list segmentation 
  • available in only two languages – English and Spanish
  • inability to upload more than five images to the platform without upgrading to a paid plan
  • no A/B testing at all – users will have to split test their email campaigns manually which is incredibly complicated and time-consuming
  • near impossible cancellation – tons of user complaints about the lengthy and almost impossible process to cancel your subscription and, unfortunately, reaching anyone at the customer support team is the most Herculean task
  • billing users before their one-month free trial expires
  • billing clients after they’ve cancelled

Constant Contact’s Biggest Disadvantage

Ultimately, apart from awful customer support reported by its users, limited functionality and buggy user interface, the biggest downside of using Constant Contact is that the platform has only a one-month free trial after which, if users have up to 500 contacts, they have to pay £180 per year. There is a catch though. The free trial is well… free regardless of how many contacts you’ve uploaded BUT once it expires, you’ll be paying a substantial amount in order to keep all your contacts.

Furthermore, if you have up to 2,500 contacts, you’ll be paying the whooping £360 per year. Those prices cover the basic email plan. If you want to go ‘Pro’ and have access to useful tools and features, you’ll have to pay £540 per year for a database of up to 2,500 contacts

Did I mention 2019 was definitely not a good year for Constant Contact? They faced a lot of scrutiny and dissatisfaction mostly due to the awful customer support reported by their users, bug-ridden UI and almost-impossible cancellation process. With all those things still reportedly happening, no wonder you ended up here – looking for the best Constant Contact alternative.

The Best Constant Contact Alternative Is…

Email marketing software comes in various shapes, sizes and, most of all, prices. Yet, somehow, many still get stuck with the wrong one. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business operating from your garage or a huge business with an army of marketers brainstorming in conference rooms. The common marketing goal for all is to acquire and retain customers, build strong and prosperous relationships, deliver relevant beneficial content and, of course, an increase in ROI.

Unfortunately, due to a poor choice in ESP, you might find yourself sitting in front of your computer (or laptop) at two in the morning slurping on yet another can of RedBull mumbling to yourself – ”Why can’t this bloody software do all I want it to?”

What Is The Best Constant Contact Alternative? | EmailOut.com - free email marketing software

You are not alone. I have the best Constant Contact alternative for you – EmailOut. If you never heard of them, trust me – you are missing out on the best FREE email marketing software out there. Let me reveal why.

With EmailOut, you will get all the essentials – and more – without spending a penny of your hard-earned money or overwhelm your already stretched budget.

  • amazing list management tools from data cleaning through data segmentation to personalisation and custom fields – you’ll get it all (without upgrading)
  • gorgeous free email templates – all email templates have drag-and-drop design elements which you can change, replace or customise at any time plus you can also  import your HTML if you’d like
  • spam and inbox testing (at no additional cost) – you can spam test your campaign against 23 of the most popular spam filters; the inbox preview test lets you review your campaign in over 70+ different email clients and mobile devices
  • automation features – onboarding email sequence, triggered email campaigns, autoresponders, etc. – EmailOut allows you to do it on any plan, even the free one
  • email tracking and marketing analytic tools –  measure all the most important email marketing KPIs and track your campaigns’ performance
  • round-the-clock near-instant tech support from EmailOut’s awesome experts

    ^All of these features are available on every plan, including FreeForever.

Convinced to give EmailOut a try? Take a look now >>>

Other Constant Contact alternatives may come close to aligning with your marketing needs, however, none have better pricing than EmailOut. 

If having access to all these features for free (trust me, there are no sneaky costs) was not enough to convince you, I’m certain the pricing will.

The guys at EmailOut do not believe in hidden costs buried deep in the small print or T&Cs that, let’s face it, no one has the time to read. They don’t lock features behind a paywall. 

If you have up to 2,500 subscribers you can send 12,500 emails for free, for life. You only start paying when you hit 2,501 subscribers and you’ll never have to pay for extra features. Right about now, you are probably thinking “I’m probably going to get just the bare-bone features, right?” Well, if you consider rich automation and autoresponders, detailed tracking and analytics, and list segmentation for A/B testing bare-bone then yeah, you are getting just bare-bone features. 

Intrigued? Then you are ready to test the professional email marketing platform similar to Constant Contact but better because it includes all the features all the time and is less pricey when it’s not being free forever.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of Constant Contact alternatives out there. Nonetheless, the decision of which email marketing software fits best depends on your business’s requirements and how you see it scaling. 

A company like EmailOut that keeps the simple things obvious and makes powerful features accessible to all without sneaky costs and upselling, with a FreeForever plan that gives a marketer everything they need and more, is the best Constant Contact alternative on the market.

I know you might be sceptical listening to a stranger’s advice (we’ve all been warned about it since infancy). However, it’s not my advice you should listen to but rather trust yourself. Do your own research. Test alternative email marketing tools. Draw a comparison chart. Evaluate all variables (ease-of-use, features, pricing, customer support, reviews and feedback). Only then will you be ready to make the best and most informed choice for an alternative to Constant Contact.

If you already made up your mind, give EmailOut a try. Open your FREE Email Marketing account and see how you can scale your business without breaking into a bank.

Ah, and remember, with EmailOut the magic word is FREE!

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