What do consumers want when engaging and receiving emails from brands?

“A bad email reputation is like a hangover: hard to get rid of and it makes everything else hurt.” – Chris Marriott

How do consumers think brands are doing with the personalisation of their communications? Have consumers’ expectations shifted? What do some consumers prefer from brands’ communications in 2021? Which is the top communication channel?

MoEngage, an insight-led customer engagement platform, has revealed the results of a global survey – The Personalisation Pulse Check Report 2021 – in which 1,000 consumers across four of the top global markets – the U.S.(25%), the UK (25%), Canada (25%) and Germany (25%) – were polled so marketers can learn more about what consumers want – and expect – when engaging and communicating with brands.

Report Key Findings

  • nearly 35% of the consumers polled in North America & Europe state email is their favourite communication channel
  • 35% of women polled between the ages of 18-24 prefer email while 18% prefer mobile
  • nearly 30% of men polled between the ages of 18-24 prefer email 
  • 33% of female corporate board members prefer email as a communication channel
  • 28% of male corporate board members prefer email to communicate with consumers
  • C-suite managers: 24% of men and 23% of women prefer – and want – email
  • almost 40% of executives want weekly brand communications; 25% monthly, 16% daily and only 5% want quarterly emails
  • nearly 30% of consumers across all four global markets want a personalised experience
  • 27% of the consumers polled dislike getting irrelevant content or product messages

According to Raviteja Dodda, CEO of MoEngage, the research confirms our belief that the average consumer is well aware that brands are collecting information about them. All they are asking for in return is a more personalised customer experience from brands, regardless of which medium is used to communicate with them.”

To find out all the answers, download the Personalisation Pulse Check Report 2021 here.

Final Thoughts

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