In today’s constantly changing and evolving environment, the speed at which businesses market their products/services has become more important than ever.

Yet, the entirety of the email process can feel not only overwhelming but painfully slow as well. No matter how much you want to make it more efficient, you simply might not have the time to add – and deal – with yet another thing on your email marketing plate. Cue agile email marketing and the micro-efficiencies that will help you – the email marketer – send better emails faster. 

Essentially, agile marketing is about processes, not perfection. As such, it’s about running multiple small, customer-focused campaigns to quickly learn, adapt and grow speedily without sacrificing quality. The key: keeping it simple.

Usually, 53% of brands take two or more weeks to produce a single email, according to Litmus’s 2019 State of Email Workflow. However, with the current changes and challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, this cannot fly anymore. As hard and as painful a change can be, it is a slow process that requires patience and, above all, a well thought out strategy.

By downloading Litmus’s newly released Going Agile: The New Email Workflow ebook, you will learn – 

a) what is agile marketing;
b) how does agile marketing apply to email;
c) new agile email workflow charts;
d) why there might be resistance to adopt such a strategy;
e) small, but irresistible, ways to be agile… and more.

You can stick to your linear email marketing process, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to be more efficient and strategic about your next email and maintain a continuous cycle of optimisation, as well as pivot quickly in today’s constantly changing email environment, we recommend downloading Litmus’s Going Agile: The New Email Workflow ebook – now. 

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