What key shift in its platform is TikTok working on? Will the new feature be a challenger to Facebook?

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TikTok is working on an in-app shopping feature to establish stronger monetisation processes for its short-term video content and capitalise on its massive potential.

The popular video app is hoping to replicate the success of its Chinese-only cousin Douyin (which packed $26 billion ecommerce transactions in its first year) and started working with merchants across the globe on ways they can sell their products directly to the platforms’ million users base right within the popular video app.

TikTok confirmed the in-app shopping feature tests in an email statement –

TikTok In-App Shopping Feature In Testing Mode | EmailOut.com“TikTok has been testing and learning with ecommerce offerings and partnerships and we are constantly exploring new ways to add value. We will provide updates as we explore these important avenues for our community of users, creators and brands.”

Back in 2019, TikTok started testing simple ecommerce links within videos. This only proves the company has been working on its in-app shopping options for quite some time. Since then, the video app has been continuously improving and developing its on-platform trading (shopping) tools.

Hype is just one of the brands TikTok has been reportedly working with to test the in-app shopping feature’s new options before a broader expansion. Hype will run a dedicated store on the platform taking orders from and interacting directly with customers.

Currently, it’s unclear how the next stage of testing of the in-app shopping feature is going or how Tiktok will proceed.

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