“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” – David Newman

Despite an ever-increasing range of channels, email marketing remains an enormously effective medium.

From personalisation to automation, let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of email marketing.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of email marketing, including:

  • Targeting and personalising your marketing emails
  • Managing your relationships with customers
  • Improving brand recognition and website visits
  • Automating and analysing
  • Conversion rates

Let’s get started.

1. You Target Only Quality Leads

When you take out an ad or sponsor a post on Facebook, you can’t control exactly who sees it. Sure, you can set parameters, but a huge percentage of the people who see your content won’t be quality leads. When you send an email, on the other hand, you know exactly who you’re talking to.

2. You Drive Traffic to Your Website

With emails, you can include links to your website or other content and that’s where people end up. An email provider won’t attempt to keep you within their own app and you can place as many links wherever you like in the body of the email.

3. You Can Tailor the Content with Precision

Through careful list segmentation and creative personalisation, you can easily create emails that are the perfect fit for the recipient. Each person on your list receives only the information or offers that are entirely relevant to them – which is great for you and great for them.

4. You Build a Personal Relationship

When you send an email, you typically address it to one particular person. This makes it much easier to create a sense of direct dialogue and build a rapport with each and every person on your email list.

5. You Improve Brand Recognition

A good email marketing platform will give you extensive control over how your emails look. That means you can build them around your company’s style, brand colours, tone and so on – and can keep your branding top of mind.

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6. You Save Time and Resources with Automation

Email marketing campaigns can be set up to respond automatically to behavioural triggers. For example, an abandoned cart or long periods left between customer sign-ins. This saves you a ton of time and ensures you’re getting the right message to the right person at the right time, without even having to think about it.

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7. It’s Easy to Gather and Analyse Data

Top email marketing platforms are packed with tools which allow you to measure the success of your campaigns. These can help you assess how well you’re doing and continue making improvements to your strategy accordingly.

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8. You Manage the Customer Journey

The great thing about a carefully crafted email marketing campaign is that you lay out every stepping stone in the customer’s journey and then make sure it really does happen that way. Unlike social media advertising, which means people see the same content no matter what their existing relationship with you is, it’s much easier to build a relationship over time with emails.

9. Conversion Rates are Excellent

People are simply more likely to click on links in an email addressed to them than follow CTAs in a general ad they see. Your marketing is more focused and more effective.

10. It’s Much More Effective for Sales

The same goes for sales. Your email recipients know you, they trust you, and they are ultimately more likely to buy from you when you communicate with them through this medium.

Final Thoughts

Any effective marketing campaign will no doubt be split across multiple channels – just make sure that email remains a core part of your strategy. After all, it’s too effective for you to ignore and the benefits of email marketing are big.

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