Spam has been a problem of global proportions as well as a massive threat for both users and businesses.

Unfortunately, there are countries and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that take little to no action in preventing such malicious schemes being run by spammers.

According to Spamhaus, these are the top 5 of the world’s worst spam countries as of October 12, 2020 – 

1) China – 2,810 live spam issues
2) The U.S. – 2,647 live spam issues
3) Russia – 748 live spam issues
4) the United Kingdom – 515 live spam issues, and
5) Japan – 430 live spam issues.

As for the ISPs with the highest number of ongoing spam issue, here are the top 5 of the world’s worst spam support ISPs – 

1) – 287 reported phishing spam complaints
2) – 259 reported phishing spam complaints
3) chinanet-js – 237 reported phishing spam complaints
4) – 232 reported phishing spam complaints, and
5) – 202 reported phishing spam complaints.

As a bonus, one of the worst ISPs responsible for spam is – (a company offering CDN, DNS, DDoS protection and security) which has 174 ongoing live spam issues. A bit ironic considering their line of business, no?

This sums up the list of Top Spam Statistics for 2020… for now.

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