The Christmas decorations are down. There is an explosion of red and pink hearts, cheesy cards and chocolates in the stores (those that are open!) You guessed it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So, are your Valentine’s Day email campaigns ready?

In the world of email marketing, special occasions and holidays are marketers’ best way of boosting customer acquisition, enhancing customer retention and, the desired bonus, increasing sales. With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, email marketers should already have their thinking caps on and planning the perfect lovey-dovey killer Valentine’s Day email campaigns. 

“Roses are red, violets are blue. When creating Valentine’s Day email campaigns what’s an email marketer to do?” – EmailOut 

Some people love Valentine’s Day, others are a Valentine’s Day Grinch. Nevertheless, all of us can agree this holiday presents an excellent opportunity for businesses. Considering the trying year we’ve all had and are still having (i.e. lockdowns & restrictions), marketers will be fighting tooth and nail for the consumers’ inbox. Regardless of the industry, you will have to up your game exponentially if you want your Valentine’s Day email campaigns to stand out and inspire the recipients to take action (i.e. make a purchase). 

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  1. Valentine’s Day stats
  2. Subject lines for your Valentine’s Day email campaigns
  3. Valentine’s Day email campaign examples

Are you ready to make your subscribers swoon?

We all know this Valentine’s Day will be unlike any other. Yet, the holiday’s main theme remains the same – love, connection, caring, partnership. Don’t shy away from the changes and challenges created by the pandemic. Acknowledge and embrace them through your Valentine’s Day email campaigns. Offer your subscribers a way to feel loved despite being cooped up at home. Make them laugh and feel cherished with thoughtful email copy and a special offer. 

Single or not your subscribers will be pulling their wallets out and purchasing gifts for loved ones, friends, family and even their pets. As an email marketer, this is the perfect time to unleash your Valentine’s Day email campaigns. If you are in a pickle and don’t know where to start, why not take advantage of our heart-warming, adorable and unique Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas? But first, let’s take a look at some numbers, shall we?

Valentine’s Day In Stats

Before you start crafting your Valentine’s Day email campaigns, you must grasp the big-picture and understand just how big Valentine’s Day is for shopping and how you can utilise it to boost sales and build brand awareness. Take a look at the stats – 

  • 2019: the overall Valentine’s Day shopping pool in the U.S. exceeded $20 billion
  • 2019: total Valentine’s Day spending in the U.K. reached £1.45 billion 
  • 2020: total Valentine’s Day spending in the U.S. surpassed $27 billion
  • 2020: total spends on Valentine’s Day in the U.K. reached £926 million
  • 46% of consumers start their Valentine’s Day shopping in early February
  • 76% of Brits (up to 40 million) will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year
  • 2021: 55% of men celebrating Valentine’s Day in the U.K. plan to spend money, with only 45% of women planning to do the same (who is the big spender now?)
  • 91% of consumers prefer email to any other marketing communication channel

Interesting statistic: Upon further research, my findings showed that 30% of U.K couples will be going full Romeo and Juliet on Valentine’s Day this year breaking all the lockdown rules and spending time together indoors despite being from different households. 

Numbers do not lie. Thus, if your business has been struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple lockdowns, you may want to put in some overtime on your Valentine’s Day email campaign because judging by the stats, this holiday will be your Golden Goose. Perhaps spending more time at home with one’s partner is igniting the flames of love and loosening consumers’ wallets… or, maybe they need to make amends (kidding!). Whatever the case, make sure your Valentine’s Day email marketing will be on point, perfect and ready to seduce the recipients into making a purchase.

Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines That Will Make People Open Your Campaign

Writing the subject line is the hardest part of crafting an email campaign. Striking the perfect balance between informative and concise while also catchy and engaging is not a small feat.

Your subject line is the first thing recipients see and the biggest factor whether they open and engage with your email campaign. For your Valentine’s Day email campaigns to be successful, you need to make sure the subject line is perfect. These 14 Valentine’s Day email subject lines will give you some much-needed inspiration –

1) Final Day To Order for Valentine’s Day

2) Your Valentine’s Day GIFT inside… 💝

3) Make your #SexyValentine Swoon! 20% on ALL V-Day products.

4) Valentine’s Day is even happier with free delivery.

5) A Valentine’s Day Giveaway (we love our customers!)

6) Will You Be Our Valentine? 🥰

7) What Women (or Men) REALLY Want for Valentine’s Day…

8) 3 Steps to the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

9) Red alert! It’s almost February 14!

10) ❤️ is… 25% OFF

11) Better Than Roses – 30% OFF all products on V-Day!

12) “Your secret admirer has a surprise for you. Want it?”

13) Cupid Made Us Do It: Free Delivery For Everyone! 

14)  [My personal favourite] Valentine’s Day: Single, Taken, or Over it?

Like the holiday itself, your Valentine’s Day email campaigns’ subject line must reflect on the holiday’s main theme. Accentuate the usefulness of your email campaign by using words like perfect, ideal and gift. Moreover, use expressions such as expires, only and ends soon to create a sense of urgency and boost your open rates. Ah, let’s not forget the lovey-dovey emojis you can use to complement your subject line. According to stats, emojis in subject lines have a 56% higher open rate compared to only text-based subject lines.

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns That Convert

To achieve success with your Valentine’s Day email campaigns, follow a few simple rules – 

a) craft a themed subject line;
b) keep the design clean, concise and engaging and follow email design best practices;
c) be smart about email list segmentation to ensure the right people are getting the right message at the right time;
d) create a catchy, fun and on-point email copy that will prompt recipients to take action;
e) personalisation is key;
f) carefully think-through your call-to-action (CTA) and ensure it’s placed prominently;
g) add some motion to your email with videos, GIFs, cinemagraphs, etc.;
h) proofread everything to ensure there are no broken links, typos, misspelling, etc.; and
i) always, always A/B test your email campaigns before unleashing them into the world.

After the post-Christmas email marketing hangover, the impending Valentine’s Day arrival is bringing out a new wave of creative email campaigns. From the colour themes, the copy and offers to the overall layout, take a look at a few brands who have really nailed their Valentine’s Day email campaigns.

1) Nordstrom Rack

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns | Nordstrom Rack | - free email marketing software

In the past, Nordstrom Rack’s email campaigns tended to be a bit cluttered and busy. Yet, with this Valentine’s Day email campaign the brand has absolutely hit the bullseye. 

From the colour palette through to the email copy, the GIF and call-to-action, everything is tastefully and strategically thought-through and executed. The GIF which resembles both a heart and an arrow is directly leading the reader to the call-to-action swiftly guiding people where they need to go. 

Overall, the brand used an uber-smart approach to capitalise on eye-tracking and entice the recipients to take action.

2) Diesel

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns | Diesel | - free email marketing software

Diesel’s Valentine’s Day email campaign is the perfect example of getting Valentine’s Day right. From the relevant imagery through the catchy and unique copy to the carefully crafted call-to-actions (CTAs), the brand’s campaign is not only targeting ALL its audience groups but also delivering relevant and beneficial content. In the business world, I believe this is called a ‘win-win’.

3) Charity: Water

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns | Charity:Water | - free email marketing software

One of the best ways to catch your subscribers’ attention is by telling or promoting stories. Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good story! From friendship tales, gratitude spiels to other uplifting messages, you can craft a story that will not only fit your brand but also inspire the reader to react.

Charity: Water’s Valentine’s Day email campaign is an outstanding example of expressing the company’s gratitude via a love poem. Every verse tells the story of their fundraising journey (complemented with relevant links) which is perfectly on par with the holiday’s vibe. The campaign’s design is perfectly themed (i.e. font, heart illustrations) and the team’s special message video is an excellent way to wrap up the email. The email asks for nothing. It simply expresses the charity’s gratitude.  

4) Beats by Dr. Dre

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns | Beats by Dr. Dre | - free email marketing software

Sometimes less is more. Beats by Dr.Dre, for example, bet on a pink-ish email campaign template displaying their products in colours perfectly matching Valentine’s Day theme. The brand’s image-heavy Valentine’s Day email campaign was clean, simple, concise, sweet and the strategically placed call-to-action gave the recipient’s no other choice but to follow-through.

5) MeUndies

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns | MeUndies | - free email marketing software

Give the gift of underpants. I fell in love with MeUndies’ Valentine’s Day email campaign where the brand offers people to buy a Valentine’s Day gift card for a new pair of undies every month. The imagery, while a tad inappropriate to some, is quite cute and on-point, the colour scheme is clear and coherent and the copy itself is fun and concise clearly explaining what the brand is all about. So, underpants anyone? 

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and your beloved subscribers expect you to treat it as such by offering them something special be it a discount, limited offer, free shipping or access to a secret V-Day sale. 

Yet, the success of your Valentine’s Day email campaigns does not lie solely with the offer you’ll make but also in the choice of email design, colour palette, visuals, interactive elements and copy. Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day presents a golden opportunity to kick off your 2021 sales, build brand awareness and ensure customer retention. 

Are you ready to sign, seal and deliver your stunning Valentine’s Day email campaigns?

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