If a picture is worth a thousand words then … what’s a video worth?

The fast-growing trend, for a quite a while now, has been video in email; and businesses must tweak their marketing strategy (if they haven’t already) to keep up with video marketing and stay afloat. Now, back to our question …

According to McQuivey at Forrester, “video is worth at least 1.8 million words.”

Usually, normal videos have 24 FPS (frames per second). This is the universally accepted film frame rate. (Source: Final Cut Pro) For the sake of our example, and to make things easier, we’ll round up the FPS to 30.

So, with knowing the frame rate we can now calculate a video’s worth using McQuivey’s formula

    1. A picture = 1,000 words
    2. Normal video = 30 FPS
    3. 1 second of video = 30,000 words
    4. 30,000 words x 60 second video = 1.8 million. (Source: Idea Rocket)

And, voila.

If this is not convincing enough why you should use video in email, maybe some stats will do the trick:

  1. 90% of users state that product videos are very helpful in the decision making process. (Source: HubSpot)
  2. Adding a video to your landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. (Source: Unbounce)
  3. 59% of senior executives agree that if there’s both text and video available on the same topic on the same page, they would prefer watching the video. (Source: Digital Information World)
  4. Video in emails leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. (Source: HubSpot)

Pretty impressive, right?

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Ah, and whilst you’re at it, why not open your free email marketing account today and practice what we’ve preached; make the most of video marketing – right now.

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