Can visual user-generated content influence consumers’ shopping journey?

A report by Bazaarvoice in collaboration with Savanta shows that, aside from consumer reviews as a key aspect in purchase decisions, user-generated visual content is becoming crucial to influencing consumers’ purchasing journey.

Nearly ⅔rds (62%) of consumers from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Australia state they are more likely to purchase a product if they could see consumer photos or videos. Additionally, 24% of consumers state that extra information can highlight something about the product that was not obvious before; with 21% saying they’d like to see a product ‘in action’ before ultimately deciding to buy it.

Moreover, user-generated content (UGC) appears to be an important factor strongly affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to the report, visual UGC affects consumers across social media platforms differently – 

For purchase | For influencing

a) Facebook4% | 25.3%
b) Instagram4% | 17.3%
c) YouTube8% | 20.6%
d) Pinterest3% | 5%
e) TikTok5% | 4.1%
f) Snapchat5% | 2%
g) Twitter9% | 2.4%

Businesses should definitely take note of this. Why would you spend more time and money on large-scale production when you can utilise influencers and user-generated content as a cheap, easy and quick option to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions?

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