Is your reach longer than your grasp? 

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” – Steve Jobs

Marketers have tons of data at their disposal to help with understanding customers better and taking the necessary actions to meet their needs. However, on more than one occasion, marketers fall short when it comes to customers’ expectations. So, how can you optimise data to better meet your customers’ needs? Simon Data – in collaboration with Forrester Consulting –  reveals the answer in its “When Data Drags You Down” report.

Report Summary

Strategic Challenges

  • proving ROI – 33%
  • keeping up with various integrations – 32%
  • struggling to translate customer insights into actionable outcomes – 32%
  • organising messages and interactions across different channels/screens – 31%
  • understanding marketing channels’ contribution to conversions – 29%
  • managing the frequency and volume of communications to customers – 29%
  • hiring, retaining and organising marketing personnel – 28%

Technical Challenges

  • lack of integration among different marketing technologies – 35%
  • lack of integration among different customer data sources – 34%
  • duplication of technology – 34%
  • underwhelming marketing results after onboarding new technology – 31%
  • reliance on legacy systems – 30%
  • not utilising technology to its fullest – 29%
  • outdated technology – 28%

Brand’s Future Marketing Plans

  • enhance customer satisfaction – 33%
  • improve customer data quality – 29%
  • boost revenue per customer – 28%
  • improve lead/opportunity quality – 27%

Most Valuable Tech Capabilities In Achieving Marketing Objectives

  • customer data integration across every end-channel – 80%
  • one-stop, multichannel engagement hub – 79%
  • customer data unification – 79%
  • flexible, data-driven customer journey builder – 78%
  • streamlined segmentation workflow – 77%
  • robust end-channel personalisation based on data – 76%

Your martech stack is the key that unlocks the door to success. To learn more about recognising performance gaps, how to maximise the use of customer data and the benefits of delivering a more united customer experience, download theWhen Data Drags You Down Report’ here.

Final Thoughts

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