Are you still sending out marketing emails from your personal email account?

“Attention to detail can’t be (and never is) added later. It’s an entire development philosophy, methodology, and culture.” – Marco Arment

Stop what you’re doing at once, because there’s a much better way. We promise.

Read on to learn why sending marketing emails from your personal email could mean that:

  • You’re breaking the law
  • Your emails are going to spam
  • Your emails aren’t displaying properly
  • You can’t manage your list or track your progress

Ready to improve? Let’s get started.

1. You Might Be Breaking the Law

In the US and Canada, the CAN-SPAM and CASL laws require marketers to take steps to provide email recipients from getting unwanted emails. In particular, you must provide an easy way to unsubscribe/opt-out of emails. If you’re sending emails directly from your personal email account, this won’t include a one-click way to do that. This could get you in hot water.

Also, if you’re in the EU, or you have subscribers who are, you need to be very careful that the way you store and use the data you hold on your subscribers is in line with the complete General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That is extremely difficult to do if you’re sending out emails from your personal account. 

2. You’re Not Set Up to Send Bulk Emails

The majority of ISPs and email accounts put limits on how many emails you can send in one go. If you plan to grow your email list, eventually you will hit a wall where you simply can’t contact all your contacts in one go. 

3. You Can’t Control the Format

There is a myriad of different ways your email may display depending on what email client the recipient is using and what kind of device they read it on. You can’t do anything about that if you’re emailing them from a personal email address. 

In fact, unless you’re an ace with HTML and are adept at making your emails responsive, you really will need to use an email marketing platform to control details like this.

4. It’s VERY Hard to Manage Your List

When you use an email marketing platform, you can add, segment and manage your email list in a few clicks. 

This allows you to create multiple campaigns, carefully tailored to different subsets of your subscriber list. It allows you to monitor how these email campaigns perform, track bounces and prune your list, taking out unresponsive email addresses. 

All of these functions are very important for your sender reputation. You can’t do any of them if you’re simply firing out emails directly from a personal email.  

5. You Can’t Tackle Delivery Problems

When you send an email from your personal account, it’s tricky to work out if that email is likely to reach its destination. As opposed to getting stuck in the dreaded spam folder. 

If you use a top email marketing platform, you can spam-test all your emails before you send them. You can then make important tweaks to improve deliverability before you hit send, ensuring you’re not wasting your time. 

6. You Can’t Track the Important Stuff

Unless you analyse and report on the performance of each campaign, how will you improve? You should carefully track key metrics for every email you send, measuring things like delivery rate, click-to-open-rate and campaign ROI.

If you’re using a proper email marketing platform, this is a breeze. If you’re not… well, you’re on your own. 

Final Thoughts: Email Like a Pro

Badly formatted, strangely displayed emails are bad enough, but it’s even worse if they also come from a Gmail or Outlook address. A huge part of any successful email marketing strategy is building trust with your readership. For that, you need to show that you’re a legit company – and that means a slick design, sent from a professional email address.

What’s more, do you really want everyone on your list to have your personal contact details? Armed with a professional email marketing platform linked to your work email address, you can run a much slicker, more secure operation.

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